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Great to see the game getting updated :D

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Thanks a lot :D

Also, would it be possible to know wounded enemy spawnrates?

Btw, Watabou, would it be possible to know the card distribution and other random roll chances in the game, since me and a friend would like to try to recreate this game as a card game?

Won 3 times now, was quite  fun :D

Awesome game  Watabou :D
I feel like it may be just a bit too random though, perhaps  make certain items be forced to appear within a certain number of levels? Like food being forced to appear at least every other level, or heal scrolls being found at least every 3 levels, etc.

This is an awesome short game! Interesting spatial puzzles, albeit a bit glitchy, but still great work :D

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While messing around just now, I've encountered another bug. When you choose your player to be sitting on an elephant, after the game starts the player is catapulted off of the elephants back and a few seconds later the other team wins. Here is a video of the bug:

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Thanks a lot for reading :D. Maybe add a tutorial mode to the game so people know how to use everything?

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Where can we report bugs/glitches? Some of them that I have encountered:

1. When you turn a Ballista around and shoot, you die instead.

2. Boats don't have a collision box, so they go through each other which leads to a mess.

3. Units on horseback don't shoot/fight

4.When using siege weapons like catapults, you cannot change how far it fires. The actual siege units can shoot many times farther than the player can.

Despite all the bugs, this game is amazing!


Try making the heavy helmets not be so obstructive, as it is is extremely difficult to aim with them on. Also, maybe make it possible to move the camera up and down in third person: it is very hard to aim at things in front of you. Otherwise, this game is great and I've had lots of fun playing it!