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Hi, thank you so much for checking our our game at the event! It was a pleasure talking then, and thank you for the detailed feedback, definitely things to consider if expanding on this game or going into a new factory-building project.


Only just played through the whole game, incredible level design progression! 

I would love to see more set in this world/with this game engine! The perspectives are mind bending but your level design is great for guiding me through once I engage with the chaos head-on.

Beautiful environments! Some of the transitions between events felt a bit abrupt/took me out of the atmosphere somewhat, but the fantastic environment work compensates for that.

Very enjoyable to play, loved the levels and the gameplay loop.

Olmec got me good.

Hi, thanks for playing the game :D
In concept, the merging part of the game occurs when the levels fall down into eachother and merge together. However, we didn't have enough time to show this visually by actually having the walls fall down from above and the bombs explode, so it just happens off-screen and is hard to notice.

You got some satisfying shooting and gameplay, up to obtaining the machine gun merge. After that, the player becomes practically invulnerable and can increase score forever - I got up to 4000 before quitting. Maybe some harder enemies could have been good, or simply a progressive increase in enemy stats along with continued gun upgrades.  Either way, great work for a jam game!

Interesting concept, got a high score of 40 from a few games. The 'ahoy' sound is maybe somewhat repetitive, though the other sound design is nicely done.

Thanks! There was definitely some reference from Hotline Miami used for the gunplay. The problem with the black squares (trapdoors) is that sometimes two of them appear due to a glitch, and only one actually works. You're probably talking about the third level, where there is a false exit in the bottom right and the functional one is in the top left where you spawn.

Really nice concept. By the last level I was feeling some of that survival horror anxiety. One thing that screws the game up a bit is how you can just drag faster and more rapidly to move at mach speed - it gets rid of the tension in most of the levels.

Pretty fun game - my biggest problem is that everything in the game feels very slow and there isn't much you can do during the waves themselves. I got to the flying enemies once, but after losing, the thought of having to go through the slog of the first 10 waves again was enough to put me off the thought of continuing. I think you could do some interesting things with this concept, and for a first gamejam this is great! Definitely playable and has some entertainment merit.

I think the most difficult was the first one with several control boxes where I actually had to shoot the first one twice. Once I got that, the same mechanic was far simpler to deal with.
It would be nice to have a description of what the two types of bullets do though, since it took some time to understand the differences.

It runs on WINE without any set up, you should be able to just click the .exe file and it should run if you're on a distro with WINE preinstalled.

Fun game, nice mix of dodging/lowkey bullet hell and puzzles. Took some time to figure out a few, but feels good to get them right, which is a good trait in a puzzle game!

Me and some friends made a Farming Simulator + Idle Game mix. You start out with a small patch of land, and eventually become a monopoly on crops.

Thanks, great to hear that you like my art! Your game looks really cool, impressive to see a 3D game done in a game jam, will check it out.

Hi! I made the art. This was a lot of fun, and quite a challenge to make in 49 hours.

It runs on wine for me with no tinkering.

Really impressive game given the time constrains.

This game is quite a bit of fun; unfortunately, rife with game-breaking glitches that don't let me finish the game.

Great to see the game getting updated :D

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Thanks a lot :D

Also, would it be possible to know wounded enemy spawnrates?

Btw, Watabou, would it be possible to know the card distribution and other random roll chances in the game, since me and a friend would like to try to recreate this game as a card game?

Won 3 times now, was quite  fun :D

Awesome game  Watabou :D
I feel like it may be just a bit too random though, perhaps  make certain items be forced to appear within a certain number of levels? Like food being forced to appear at least every other level, or heal scrolls being found at least every 3 levels, etc.

This is an awesome short game! Interesting spatial puzzles, albeit a bit glitchy, but still great work :D

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While messing around just now, I've encountered another bug. When you choose your player to be sitting on an elephant, after the game starts the player is catapulted off of the elephants back and a few seconds later the other team wins. Here is a video of the bug:

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Thanks a lot for reading :D. Maybe add a tutorial mode to the game so people know how to use everything?

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Where can we report bugs/glitches? Some of them that I have encountered:

1. When you turn a Ballista around and shoot, you die instead.

2. Boats don't have a collision box, so they go through each other which leads to a mess.

3. Units on horseback don't shoot/fight

4.When using siege weapons like catapults, you cannot change how far it fires. The actual siege units can shoot many times farther than the player can.

Despite all the bugs, this game is amazing!


Try making the heavy helmets not be so obstructive, as it is is extremely difficult to aim with them on. Also, maybe make it possible to move the camera up and down in third person: it is very hard to aim at things in front of you. Otherwise, this game is great and I've had lots of fun playing it!