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It's super frustrating I can't create an account and log into it. I would continue the game if you fix this bug please.

What platforms can this game run on?

>~< You should add a feature where we can view the items we still have. I'm confused on what Wens still have or not, and what he sees of the items he has...

;-; Why does it take a while to load the options screen?

I'm legit depressed, as soon as I made my first avatar after i clicked *I never played before* It said there was a word script instead of the coding to head to the next scene ;-;

EYYYYY! Mettaton is reallll! Wait... Is the rest of the undertale crew real somehow in this game?

;U; I finally get to learn Tagalog, from an otome game. IN YOUR FACE MOM! I CAN LEARN FROM GAMES!

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Uwah!! I love the art and plot! However, since I criticize things as well. You could improve choices that could lead to something excited. Meaning there need to be more interactions with the love interests. Take Pascal in example. There should be choices in the future that could lead him to instead heading for Chloe, he would go for the Protagonist. Well, in a pace that wouldn't make the plot all wonky and what not. And then maybe Pascal would have a mental battle to see who he actually likes further in the story. Depending on the choices the Protagonist chooses. That's all from me, cya and sorry for criticizing you guys. I just want the game to improve and have better interests from others. I'm known to criticize, and sometimes... Nm. I'll stop explaining and say thanks for making this game a game full of great potential!

There was a weird glitch in the game where the protagonist's name go back to the automatic name, Ginger, even though I put in a different name.

When will the next update come!?! I can't wait, but.... You guys could try making Spencer more lightened up as he gets to know the protogist more.