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Enigmatic Prod

A member registered Nov 02, 2020

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Excellent Demo that has me very excited for full game! Can't wait... this is def one to try out if you haven't already! Check video for full demo gameplay! 

While it was very short...liked how you got the perfect creepy vibe from the doll being in room the entire time. You are very much aware that it is there and it keeps you a little on edge. Well done. Def recommend. Check video for full gameplay! 

This was a fun one to play. Check video for full gameplay. 

That setting jumpscare though haha  This was very well done. Enjoyed playing it. Check vid for full gameplay! 

This one had me asking a lot of questions by the end. If that was the intent then mission accomplished. Very creative puzzle. This was is def one to try out.  Well Done 

A truly fun short horror experience. Enjoyed playing it. Loved the numerous interactable objects.  And...Got to eat a donut. lol 10/10 would play again! Check the video for full gameplay!  

When it is from N4BA you know you are in for a treat. This one delivers and then some. Deppart will leave you scared for your life the entire time you are playing.  This was everything I have come to expect from N4BA. Amazing Job!  Check the video for Full Gameplay. 

616 Games you have done it again! Awesome job...a ton of fun to play. As always if it's a 616 games it is a MUST play! 

This one is a ton of fun to play. There is def a learning curve to the game. Looking forward to playing more of it!  Check out the video for some gameplay! 

For first game..this was done fairly well. Wish I could have featured the whole game but unfortunately had some bug or trouble getting events to trigger. Still...def looking forward to future projects.  Well done.  

This is one you MUST get! This game has everything you love about 80's horror and is a perfect parody of Evil Dead!  Really Enjoyed playing through this one. Check the video for full gameplay! 

Very unique and a lot of fun to play! A must  play  game!   Check video for full gameplay! 

Would have loved to have been able to feature this one. Unfortunately the red text was severely broken. The text on the yellow tractor outside the house would not disappear so could not advance inside the house.  I think if there was a better system in place to make events happen rather than hoping red text disappears would be very beneficial. Will keep eye out to see if any updates and maybe try again in future.  What I seen showed a lot of promise. 

Really well done short horror experience that will make you remember your childhood fears.  Check out full gameplay in the video!  

Very well done! The atmosphere is perfect for a horror game. Stumbling around in the woods while barely able to see is terrifying and in this game you fully experience that. Highly recommend. Check the gameplay vid for full game! 

This was a very enjoyable game to play. Really enjoyed how dev didn't really on jumpscares to get the player but rather let the atmosphere and situations do it themselves. Keeps you nervous expecting the worst the entire time.  Check out the video for the full gameplay!  

Enjoyed Driving Home so much I had to come give Missing Hiker a run through.  Was again very impressed. Very well done. Had fun playing this one. Check gameplay vid for full game!

Craziest Drive Home ever! You have to try this game!  You will not be disappointed.  Check the vid for full gameplay 

This was a surprisingly fun  game to experience.  Short and sweet. Highly recommend giving this one a try. Check the video for full gameplay. 

Easily one of if not the best indie horror game around. Thoroughly enjoyed playing through this one. Very well done! 

As always...Another awesome game from Stefano! Had a blast with this one.  

Great demo...Can not wait to play the full game! Check vid for demo gameplay! 

If you are looking for scares...This is your game! Really well done jumpscares. Enjoyed this one!  

This one was very interesting. It is def worth trying out. You won't be disappointed at all. Check out the vid for gameplay. 

Had a lot of fun with this one. Well done,  very unique. Check vid for full gameplay.  

This is extremely well done. Would love see it expanded on. Great Stuff.

Loved this demo... Can not wait for full release!  Check vid for full demo 

Very enjoyable. This is a definite must try.  Check vid for full gameplay 

Had some issues with flashlight and lantern, also a weird issue when loading a saved game....but ultimately this was very well done. Will absolutely be venturing back to it to give it another go.  Check out the vid for gameplay

This was incredible unique, absolutely loved the mechanic of seeing through the bears eyes.  Well done.  Check vid for full gameplay! 

Very cool teaser, will absolutely be playing full game. Cant wait. Check vid for teaser gameplay. 

Very unique...Ton of fun... Well done! Check vid for gameplay!  

Wickedly fun game... Def enjoyed this. Huge potential!  This one is a must play!  Check out the vid of some gameplay!  

Very unique! Def loved playing through this one. Highly recommend anyone to give it a try.  Check vid for full gameplay

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To describe this game....Stellar. It is absolutely stellar. Very well done, delivers on the scares while telling a engaging story at the same time. If you are a fan of horror....This game is a must have!   BOTH PARTS NOW READY!

Very unique, had a blast with this one.  Check the vid for full gameplay. 

Enjoyed this one, fun trip down nostalgia lane. The tank controls, fixed camera, it's like being on a ps1 again. Well done. Keep it up!  

Had an absolute blast playing this. Thank You so much for sharing this with the indie horror community. This was so well done and easily the top Halloween fan game out there.  Check the vid for full gameplay. Can't wait to see what you bring in future!  

Easily one of the more challenging Indie Horror games out there!  Def worth checking out to anyone curious.  Very much enjoyed this one. Very unique, love the mirror feature, love the creature design.....Play this game if you havent already!  Check out the full gameplay in the video!  

If it's from n4bA  You know it is going to be well worth checking out!  This demo has me very excited for the full game. Can not wait!  Check the vid for full gameplay of the demo!