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Great assets for a post-apocalyptic feel. Purchased.

Thanks for the reply. I'm looking for a classic ancient Rome style that we know today. They had 3 different style of pillars but that's a bit of an ask and the details wouldn't render I don't think. Arches, aqueducts, temples etc. Aqueduct tiles would be too much of a pain to do with water in them so I'd represent them with 'water' at the start and end of the ducts.  They used both brick and marble arches etc. They used tiles so the Spirit of Greece tiled roof pieces could probably be repurposed/recolored. 

Part of the lore of my game has a medieval level society built on top of an older civilization - churches etc. built over old temples/shrines. Parts of towns containing relics of the old civilization. There will also be isolated locations that have the old civilizations structures abandoned but intact (save for some damage, decay that I'll be adding from your Ruins kit I purchased and found to be good value for the vibe I'm after.)

Are there any plans for Roman type tileset (Spirit of Rome?) normal and ruined?

Medieval style would also be welcome - I was using Celianna's medieval parallax set for a while but I've moved from VX Ace to MZ and it doesn't fit as well into what I am doing now.

A bit late to the party but Pyxel Edit provides an easy way to export an entire tileset to individual images (based on image size.)

Archeia at RPGMakerWeb put together a quick guide and video for those interested.

Are there damaged versions of the tiles? I was looking at working on a post-apocalyptic wasteland environment where the party would be exploring ruined villages, towns and cities.

Ruined versions always welcome in my book as there are so many possibilities. Discover ruined village, kill the bad, invite settlers to location and visit later when rebuilt, backstory of peaceful village, cutscene of attack, player discovers the remains... Purchasing now.

Ruined versions of tiles, objects etc are always a plus in my book. Abandoned fortress to explore, clear and make it your own is one of the things I've been looking to do. Purchasing now.

I sense a great disturbance in the Force as if a million voices suddenly called out Yes!!! Woohoo. Looking forward to what you cook up this time.

Bought it as soon as it appeared in my feed to go with the Steampunk Interiors and Steampunk Airships.

Now I can finally create a remote island surrounded by rocks/reefs that houses a Steampunk enclave. The airships will  travel to a medieval era mainland via airship and allow the player to get to the enclave that had been sealed from the rest of the world up to now. 

Thanks for that. I'd forgotten I had bought Starbird's premium pack ages ago. They might do the trick in the interim.

Purchased this yesterday and really looking forward to using it. I think I've bought almost all of your assets produced so far. 

Are there any plans to add aged/damaged versions of some of these tiles? I'm still fleshing out the design for a subplot in the game I'm starting to develop and aged/damaged versions of your assets would help in fleshing out the game.

Essentially a 'wizard' to the common folk but in reality a medieval or renaissance scientist will assign the player a mission (or two) to obtain parts for damaged airship(s) they have discovered. The airships are remnants from an empire that has recently failed and the technology lost.  

If not, all good, I might just scatter the tiles in a debris field to simulate the damaged ships before they are repaired.

Hi team, do you have any of your packs collected into bundles at any stage? There are a few that I am considering getting (if not all.) I am looking at making a Fallout inspired game for personal use - still trying to identify assets that would suit the Brotherhood of Steel, The Enclave, Vaults, Wasteland, various factions etc.