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  1. I hope everyone gets a team with very well-rounder skills for a balanced competition. Yeah they are but got relocated to Yarmouk instead of Salmiya 😅 #Bookworms_till_death

Hi there guys

Glad to join this interesting community and super excited to work with such ambitious groups that I will learn a lot from.Can't wait to start hustling :)

My name is Abdulrazaq AlNassar

I am still an Undergraduate students from Kuwait University-College of Enginnerig & Peteoleum-Chemical Engineering Department.

Since I was a little kid, my little imaginative mind of mine was absolutely mesmerised by the content the TV had to offer back then. Cartoons (Spacetoon, Cartoon Network, Disney...etc) and talk shows helped creating the human being i am today. My tounge started learning the "right" kind of language (both Arabic & English) the way it's supposed to be learnt. That, as a result, brought me closer to the art of storytelling and imitation but haven't fully indulged in it, yet.

Here is a list of my humble activities in the past years that i tried to accomplish just as a hobby of mine to spend some time away from the engineering world.

1-I have been a member of a volunteering group called "Thoughts & Creativity Club" for 3 years.

2-Participated as a storyteller with Dr.Haifa AlSanousi from the department of arabic literature (Kuwait University) in her reading-improvements program done with the state of Ahmedi.

3-Had a role in a historical yet musical play created and presented to the public by Loyac called "Min Hawa AlAndalus" (you can google it to know more about the newspapers reviews) on September 2014 at Da'iya there where the prime minister and several hundreds of people witnessed it.

4-Also with LOYAC but this time with their "Little Loyacers" program targeting young ages of boys and girls, I had the opportunity to be join them and having couple of weekly storytelling sessions with the kids and finally wrapping everything up with a big closing ceremony on January 2015.

4-The Chemical Engineering Students Society (ChESS) ,located at Khladia's campus, picked me to be their "Head of Activities Committee" for the academic year 2014-2015.

5-Recently, I was named by the same previous society to be their "President" for the academic year 2015-2016.

6-Participated with several other teachers in an program that was approved by the ministry of education that was focusing on fusing the material in the students books (mainly Arabic and English literature) into more technological approaches such as audio books & interacting panels that would make the learning process much more intriguing than it is right now with the old-school ways of teaching.

7-Frequently doing storytelling sessions in Arabic & English for both Loyac and Q8BOOKSTORE until today.