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A member registered Nov 01, 2022

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Ok no problem (i didn't tell that i do it for free for now because i still have my old job so I Can allow myself to do somme volunteer work to extend my portfolio si don't hesitate if a volunteer translator interest you!)

On steam I'm enfantcheval
I'll give you my email there !

Hi, as a news french translator, I'm looking for indie games to localize.
I would be happy to translate Roadwarde.
Would you be interested ?

Hi (:
I'm a new french translator, and i'm looking for indie games to localize.
Would you be interested in a french translation ?

Hello, as a young french translator, i'm looking for indie games to localize.
I would be really happy to translate A cottage Story in French. Would you be interested ?

Hello Caramel, as a young translator, I'm lookinf for indie games to localize. I would be glad to translate Red Trees in french. Would you be interested ?

I love your style, this game IS really beautiful :)

As a New french translator i would be really happy to localize it in french. Would you bé interested ?

Thank you for answering. As you know, I can't write to you in DM ! To answer your question, I'll need to know the words count of your games (you can send it to me for all of your games as I'm interested to localize all of them !)

Hi Hidebu, I would like to offer you to translate your games into french (I think they are pretty cool !)
Would you be interested ? I'm starting to work as a french translator and i'm looking to indie games to localize in french. Let me know if you are interested !

Hello, i would be interested to localize your game into french.
you can write to me if you're interested !

I think your game is really gorgeous !
i'm a french translator in reconversion, and I'm looking for indie games to localize in french, would you be interested ?
if so, you can write to me :) (I also let you a message on twitter by the way)

I really enjoy your game. Would you be interested for me to translate it into french ? I'm a french translator who just started a reconversion so i'm looking for indie game to localize in french.
If you're interested, you can write to me !

Hi ! Sorry it took me so long to answer !
I'm interested :) I'll send you a mail very soon !

Hi everyone, 

i'm an english to french translator in formation, and I'm interested in game localization.

Let me know if you need someone to localize your game from English to French.

I already do translations for an online magazine so I have a little experience :)

Hope we'll work together !