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would love to see it!

Character Models & Buildings by me!

Yes you can

Yes you can

Wow thank you! That's awesome

Thank you, I appreciate it! 

Haven't posted any updates recently, but a lot of progress is being made behind the scenes! 

Thank you so much!

I am creating a zombie action game that is a mix between Unturned, Resident Evil, and Rimworld. It is taking awhile to develop, so I decided to release a free demo to showcase some of the features and mechanics. Let me know what you think!

Awesome! Keep up the good work

Coming soon, development has been going well.

lmaooooo this is awesome

Love the idea!

Love the style

I love the idea behind it!

Not bad, keep it up!

Very cool



Very nice!!

Can't wait to try it out

Good job man!

This game looks like a lot of fun! Going to try it out asap

Ah thank you

Is this game only in spanish?

Easy to use modular building pack that can be used in virtually any game engine, or 3d modeling software! Stay tuned for more affordable assets!

The materials/textures aren't working in unity or blender for me, other than the original blender file. The fbx colors isn't working 

They're in their own collections/hierarchy

Paid $1 then another $5 because you're so awesome. Hopefully other people follow suit!!

I'm confused, what exactly does it do?

thank you very much Eddy! We are in the process of releasing a new update soon! stay tuned and we appreciate your feedback very much!