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Thanks for playing! Hope to see you play the full game :)

Thank you for playing! Hope you liked it :)

We are honored to be the first horror game on your channel :D
Thank you very much for playing!!!

Thank you! The full game will come this October. We'll be happy to see you paying :D

Hahahaha thank you very much! Hope you are able to finish the game, you almost got the seal finished on time. Remember, the library is not safe to write the seal. Better chose another location ;)

2 am is the best time to play horror games :) thank you very much for playing!

Thank you very much :D Glad you enjoyed playing it. Nice video :)

Thank you for playing! Hope you had a great time :)

Hope you guys had fun! Thank you very much for playing :D

Thank you so much for playing! Really appreciate the comments at the end of the video :D

there will be more :D
during this year we will release the full game on Steam

5/5 wow! Thank you so much!

Thanks for playing! Hope you liked it :D

No, sorry. The final game will be on Steam for you to buy it. Final price hasn't been decided yet.

Hey! Drawing with a pen tab doesn't work quite well with the version of the demo. We already fixed this problem,  and won't be an issue for the final game ;)

Thank you so much! We're glad you liked the game :D

Hey HoneyHaunting! The full game will be released along 2021, there is still plenty of time until release. Also, the full game will be different from the demo.
It's up to you to wait until full release or try the demo now :P

Thank you! The full version will come with even more creeps :D

Thank you so much! It makes us very happy to hear that :D
Nice compilation video, we love to see players reactions!

Thank you for pointing these things out. We'll take them into account for the final game.
For the voice over we are planning to hire a professional voice actor (in native Japanese). The voice of the demo was done by ourselves as the budget didn't allow to hire a professional yet.

As for the language used, we will review it for the final game and we will make changes to be accurate with the history period. Very well found, we didn't thought on that, thanks! :D

Thank you! With this demo we wanted to test if the atmosphere is right as well as other things. I guess it is ;)
We'll try to keep it that way in the full game

Hahahaha, you'll have to wait until the full game comes out. We'll do our best to have it ASAP!!!

Hello, thanks for playing! :)

We'll try to make it as scary as possible ;)
Thanks for playing!

Hahahaha. Take your time, more scares will come in the full game :D
Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! We'll keep working so you can give us a 10/10 when the full game releases :D

Thank you :)

Great video! Thanks for playing Ikai :D

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! We didn't though about doing merchandising of Ikai, but Kijo's plushie playing with the bell will definitely be on our list ;) 

Thank you so much for playing! If you finished the game without the jumpscare, it means you played well! We can't wait to see you play the full game (although we have to finish it first xD )

[ES] Muchas gracias! Seguiremos trabajando en los sonidos para que sean aún más espeluznantes :S

[EN] Thank you so much! We'll keep working to make the sounds even more spooky :S

Hahahah. Good idea to take a break and relax. Glad you finished it! Btw, I love the miniature of the video <3

Glad you like it! It's a pity  that the audio didn't record :(

Thanks for playing! Hope to see you play the full game. Great video :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! We'll take a look at the interaction to see why it doesn't behave well in some situations. As for the voice acting, we did it ourselves for the demo but we plan to hire a professional voice actress for the full game, so expect to be totally different :D

Thank you for playing and wishlisting the game! Great video, plus it's in catalan!

Thanks for playing! Yes, the killing animation needs more iterations. We'll have it ready for the full game :D

Thanks for your feedback! We'll take it into account for the full game ;)

Thanks to you for playing!

Glad that you liked it! And thanks for the feedback, we would keep working hard so the game doesn't lose the essence of the demo. Hope to see you playing the full game :)