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Hey there! 

Sorry about the confusion I just enabled the .apk and .obb to download. 

Somehow they switched off before I went to bed so now they're good to go!

Hey there...

Quick question: Is there a good worm ending?

I've acquired myself 6 worms and we've grown quite fond of each other so just get back to me as soon as you can.


Nevermind! Saw the 0,1,3. Sorry about that~

Hi there! I was trying to play your game and I'm a little confused on the instructions. When I eat, what happens to my satiation points?

Thanks for the help! It's a really neat concept. 

The Button Game : VR based game hosted on

This game is promoted through our Reddit  <<--- go there

If you're interested in more information about our team, follow us and our blog on our website.

(I may as well start off; I'm the only one here)

I'm trying to find everyone's work but I can't see anything. I know you guys are making some really cool stuff and I'm sure a lot of you are posting about it too...

Well why not write a comment down below with the title of your game/studio and a link to all of the socials you want to show off? 

This is a community event, may as well celebrate our works together then! 

(Plus, whoever wins will {hopefully} have all their socials in one place so I can peep when it's all said and done 0^0 )

Thanks for humoring me~

-Trevor Stormer