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We ran out of time to properly balance the difficulty and to add a proper retry system. Glad you liked the animations and movements !

Nobody seems to like the landing recovery, we’ll change that behaviour in a future update. Yeah some places are harder to see, I think that’s something we can also address later on.

I still hear the echoes of our level designer laughing frantically while citing Getting Over It when he implemented that level. He even asked me to raise the map size limit of our map editor to 200.. brrr

We already did some updates, Idk if we’ll add content but for now, we are patching the game’s biggest issues (like objectives, key mapping being unclear, being lost in the level, softlock caused by an unslidable spot on one particular map, etc). The retry system is next in that list. And I want to redesign Suika’s fight.

The single life issue comes down to only have 1 hour left for playtesting, already too late to implement a proper retry system. This seems like the biggest problem our game have, we’ll surely add one in a postjam update.

Thanks for streaming our entry ! Yeah we’ll definitely add that retry system. I also think Suika should be reworked to have clear phases.

I agree, the truth is the ennemies are using the explosion sprite as projectile, we didn’t have time to make dedicated bullets. That really hurts the game’s clarity. And yeah, a retry system for each stages was also planned, without it, the game seems too difficult (and also suika which gives the player no break).

Thank you ! Animations were done by the amazing PC_Volt

Powerups were planned, but not included, and lives were also planned to be gained but now lives are reset on each level.

The eternal frustrating problem of dependencies on Linux. Next time, I should find a way to ship a game with its libraries or using an appimage.

I agree, during playtesting we planned to add at least an arrow pointing at the objective but unfortunately, time was running out. I think i’ll add something in an update soon.

We tried to remove every single corner like this before the deadline, but this one got through. We will update the game in a postjam update to remove this spot and add a way to ungrab by pressing down.

We found the crash, we will update the game soon !

We didn't update the build, it's the same build. We just forgot to indicate that you can swap dolls in the tutorial.

We forgot to write it in the game but you can switch between dolls with the mouse wheel. Most dolls are not doing anything, but you have the one that shots bullet, the shield that reflects shots and the teleportation one. You can use that one to teleport on top of the hill.

C'est pas un Crypt of the Necrodancer dans les faits. Tu peux te déplacer quand tu veux, les ennemis agiront de même, mais tu as un temps limite pour agir représenté en haut à droite.
La seule restriction est que tu ne peux pas effectuer la même action deux fois de suite.