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Hi!!! Ok so, this if it's so COOL !!! I mean it,  and you're writing + the music give me chills. 

Like when I did seen the menu screen, not gonna lie that scared me so bad. I didn't had the courage to put it in fullscreen cause I did think there will be something that will jump on the screen and I don't need this right now cause I seen a horror movie and I remind of it when I need to sleep...

Anyway, like I did said this story is amazing and I really wanted to read a if with mermaids so bad!! Hope you can finish this project and the others too (I seen you did the if "Blood Moon" so when I did saw that it was you who did that if I was surprised!!! I did read that if and I cannot wait to see the next update for "Thicker Than" and this if.) Thx for doing this if and hope you rest when you fell you need to do that!! 🥰

Sorry if my English it's bad!!!!

When Jori broke up with Rowan I started to cry, and the letters they made me cry more and it's like 1 am 😭😭

Ok so, MAN I REALLY LOVE THE DEMO!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FULL GAME TBH!!! And as soon as I saw Aslan's eyes changed, I knew there was something wrong with him!! I saw the news about the poll and as soon I will have money, I will buy it (if I get a job because I don't know if I can face the first year of college and work at the same time).  Also I really liked how the demo ended!!!

Hope you have a lovely day/night and don't forget to rest when you need!!!🥰🥰

Their dynamic and relationship is so cute! 🥰

Unfortunately, this if is on an indefinite hiatus. This information is posted on the author's tumblr account!

Intresting and cool and I love Anastasia, very cute kid!

Hope it's still ongoing, and if not it's ok :)

The Night Market community · Created a new topic Bug
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Hi, I found a bug, I think it s in chp 9 in Milo route.

After I select the last option which is marked in red by me, it appears a page with errors.

Hi! Is this still being worked on?

the bug was resolved, thanks a lot!!

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Hi! I was doing Nathan's route and I think I encountered a bug, it tells me I must finish all my pms at hints but I did yet nothing?

WAAAAAAA, I better get a job quick then jfc, good luck with the kick start btw!!!!

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ok, but how do I get the CG: the one with the car and the one with him and the cat? :< 


Hi, I wanted to say that Enoch suddenly changed into his true form while going to the cinema was that supposed to happen or?

Hi, will the full game be free when it's fully out? Or are just the demos free? Btw I love the game till now :)

I LOVE THE ENDING SO CUTE, AND ART AND STORRY TOO! Also the part with Teddy made me laugh! :)

Question, it does have a good ending? OwO

Also I love the art! <3

When it's launch for the for the second step? ALSO I GOD DAMN LOVE THIS GAME KEEP IT UP! <3

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If I understood your question correctly, my pc is operating system is 64-bit. Thank you for answering!

Hello, I have a question. What do I do if my computer tells me the archive is corrupt?

Thank you for explaining this for me!

Hi there! I seem to be missing 2 pictures from gallery but i choose all of the options in multiple gameplays, is there any way I can get these last 2 that I am unaware about? Thanks in advance!

A VERY GOOD GAME, it was so complex and it's PHENOMENAL, this is my 5th time replaying it, all the routes and endings are so good, AND THE ART IS AMAZING (my favorite's route was Mary's btw)


Hmmm, that was what I was thinking too actually! I just wanted to be sure if there truly are so i can think about what choices to make to get different endings!

Wow that actually makes a lot of sense, thank you for taking the time to reply and explain this to me! 

This game was very nice, and I loved the freedom of choice but knowing me, all the choices I chose were probably the most indifferent ones lmao. A quick question though, how many endings does it have? Or is there just one no matter what you choose? Sending love and support <3