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thanks for the clarification!!

Title kinda says it all. I don't think it's considered AI, but maybe it's not allowed? Just asking to be sure. I just have zero ideas and thought having some random words together, will make me think of nonsensical stories. It's like a starting point only.

gah i TOTALLY get this... You described it really well as a 'Perfectionist Demon'. For me this jam is good too as it is my first ever one, so i can go crazy while just exploring the making of a vn in general and scoping and all that. Hoping you will be able to defeat that little guy on your shoulder trying to be all perfect cuz IT DOESN'T MATTER! Go wild! And turn that little guy into mush! WEEEEE

Wow!! loved this so much! Reminded me of very old cartoons i used to watch when i was little... Loved the little message at the end too!

hiya! yes actually, it still doesn't work when i try the direct link. Here's the screenshot. As you can see the about tab is completely empty and some tools are missing in the bar above...

Oh!! solved!!! when i go to bitsy through the itch page, it's all fine :) 

Room tab is also gone.. what did i do TT

Not sure what i did, but the tab where you can save games and make new ones is gone. also not to be seen in the tool bar when i click on it. Also the about bar is blank... I probably presed some button that made it like this, but i can't figure out how to get it back...

one of the best things everrrr!!! the art is so yummy it looks like cotton candyy! this makes me so happy and feel like summer <3 sending loveeee and never stop making great things!

W O W !!! So fun!!! loved the music the art so much and the story so silly but cool!!! makes me want to make many vns! sending you soo much love! and thanking you for creating this! obsessedddd.... please never stop being creative and being cool brained!!

i loved this little game! so transparent and also a bit challenging, having to go through multiple parts over again after failing for example the quiz questions! love the simple art style as well and the implementation of the theme!