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i didn't understand a few aspect of the game:
1) this is from the Push System "⦁ 1-4: Weak Hit. You can choose to roll +1d6 but must add it to your result." why shoul i risk a Miss if i already have a success?  ok, it's a success with complications, but a success with complication is still better then a Miss
2) "Each player contributes one goal to bring them closer to overcoming the nightmare threat. " when we should do this? before start the dreaming session? or during the play?

are there any list of all push-system games?

it's in the note of manual "This is a collaborative experience. Please be kind to others while writing your part." there are no a single rule that force the fiction to a collaborative experience, every player play on his own...

I miss the "collaborative experience" thing o_O i mean, i write for 7 days and then i give the journal to someone else, i will never collaborate with anyone and neither they'll do...

Thank you for your answer! I have another one if i can ^_^ I can't understand if any character have 5 K-Force points or is the whole team that have 5 points. I mean, if we are 5 players, each one of us have 1 point to spend?

Hi! I'm not sure about how many "goals" invent for a single episode. I have read the "Agenda" section but it's still a little unclear ^_^
Thanks in advance :)