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Blade Sight community · Created a new topic Love the game.

Loved this game, so much style and the combat system was super interesting. Really bold visuals, they have a unique feel and look super expressive. Excited for what's to come, keep up the great work. :)

Should be fixed now

The bug should be fixed now.

Seems like there is a version issue, I'll fix it asap

I'm sorry that is weird, I'll take a look at it

Sorry but this game is made in gamemaker not GB studio.

Does re-downloading fix it? Seems the game isn't able to access the localization files.

Are you using windows or mac?

Are you using mac or windows?

f3 or f4 if I remember correctly.

If you're having a hard time telling what's going on, you can turn down/off screenshake/hitlag/chromatic aberration in the settings. For dodging the enemies, you can jump over their bullets or right click to destroy them if you have meter.

Wow that's amazing, good job. Hard mode would be impressive, and there's also leaderboards on the gxc version if you wanna go for highscores. 

When the special meter that builds from hitting enemies is fully filled.

Hitting an enemy during or right after it has attacked triggers a counter.

Does pressing f3 work?

Sorry  about that, I'll look into fixing it. The bosses behaving differently might be product of buying difficulty up/down upgrades when playing from stage one. Are they still different when no difficulty upgrades are bought?

No idea I can download it just fine.

It's probably the lasers somehow, they're buggy. I'll look into it. Also "I win" is supposed to be the games description, not sure why that happened.

I didn't know you could use controller on this, haha. Good job getting this far without being able to aim your swings.

I think we removed them as to not confuse players by making them think they could get through the area without the water trinket.

Thanks, it was fun seeing your gameplay.

Thank you, Rusted Moss development is going well.

So sorry about that. It's fixed in the current hotfix.

Thank you so much. Does this error occur every time, or just sometimes randomly?

Thank you :), glad you liked it.

Wait the abyss is the stage with "the beast" as the boss right? The game is supposed to end there, there isn't another level after it. How did you manage to get even further down?


Thanks, I'll take a look at it.

I'm sorry about that, I'll try to add shooting remap soon.

Thank you. I wasn't sure if the game was any good, so I made it free haha.

Thanks :)

Cool, good job.

There is, you can choose between 1x, 2x, 3x and fullscreen.

It worked fine for me, so I'm confused. I'll look into it.

Rev comments · Replied to LuP4 in Rev comments
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Are you on mac? that could be why. For me it works fine.

f2 or f3 i think.

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Also fun fact: twwwr originally played more like resident evil, with it taking a long time to start/stop aiming, and you had to move the aim-cursor with your arrow keys.

Sorry if this is way to long lol.

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That's such a wide and complex topic, So unfortunately I can't give a detailed explanation about it all in 1 reply. 

For gameplay I find experimenting a lot to be very helpful, especially with the basic variables(enemy hp, run speed, bullet size, bullet speed, frame data, fire rate and so on ). Making the game fun on a basic level(like just running around and attacking enemies) is super important. The camera should also be carefully considered, like it's speed, zoom level and behavior.

In twwwr I spent a lot time just iterating on the most basic elements, with the game just having a player and 1 enemy. Instead of giving the player a complex moveset I only gave them one attack and made sure it was as fun as possible. After that the design was mostly coming up with bullet-hell patterns.

Game feel is also a big deal, and I learned a lot about it from here and here, as well as just looking at other games.

Hope this helps.

Like art-style or gameplay?