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Emiko Hosokawa

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I cannot run CharaMEL because my graphics driver have been plugged out (?)...

Can I use the sprites in the directory and edit them in external art software (is that OK or NG), Pipoya?

No... What I mean is actually using my Fumo-inspired template to "recontrust" your spritesheet assets to make them look closer to the original...

However, some characters can I can exclude / add in my remaster:
- ZUN (exclude)

- Ellen (PoDD) (add)

- Kana Anaberal (add)

- Rikako Asakura (in fact this one would use a slightly different palette to differentiate it with the Rikako sprites I will use in my Touhou / Seihou fangame) (add)

- Yumemi Okazaki (same as above) (add)

- Sariel (same as above) (add)

- Yuuka (PC-98 / Seihou + Pajamas)

And possibly many more extras (possibly including characters from Seihou Project (since that series is often stated to be Touhou's sister counterpart due to how ZUN was involved in the creation of the first 2 Seihou games).

Hope you understand this...

I think a solution to this is to add an English support forum...

Not much game devs online here on speak / understand Italian (at least the ones who made games with the most views / downloads...)

Even though your English might be NG (not good), still I can help you on handling MIRE support since due to I am a (mostly) skilled RPG Maker user (aside from that JS / Ruby BS from official RM versions but I am kind of efficient in Lua)...

Hope this helps...

Thank you...

I have built myself a Fumo-styled spritesheet for my Touhou / Seihou fangame and I would like to remaster your character sprites using my custom template?

Can I do it, Topham?


Hotline Miami but Touhou?

Nice, Yal!

Keep up your work!

Will you add more obscure characters (that have yet to get a real-life Fumo release) in the future?

If you can budge, I will be your advisor on design those Fumo designs.

Can you list out the characters we can play as Fumos in this game?

So how many Fumos can we play as in this game?

This looks so awesome! Anyway, are the sprites created using this licensed under a Creative Commons license? If so, then what license (s) are applied to the spritesheets generated?

Good, very Touhou-like gameplay!