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He doesn't answer anyone)

It would be cool if that person told you how he was able to fix the technical problem.

Technically impossible. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese languages in the game cause technical problems with text translation.

The game is made on Unreal Engine 5, running the game on weak PCs is a problem.

Write me an email

Please write to me by email:

I will definitely take care of it, thank you!

Это была маленькая, ничем не примечательная деревня, где люди могли жить беззаботной жизнью. Они выполняли свою работу, воспитывали своих детей. Но однажды полностью разрушил надежду на хорошее будущее… Ребенок пропал, и через некоторое время случай повторился. Жители объединились и были в шаге от того, чтобы узнать шокирующую правду, но все пошло не так, как планировалось.

I'm counting to 6...

It's an Easter egg. This asset is given for free in the epic store.

Hi. write me an email

Write me an email

I don't use discord.

Try to unpack the game file twice.

I play my games on Windows 11, there are no problems. All my games run on all versions of windows, starting from 7-11

It is necessary to unzip the file twice.

You should have a download game button, since you have activated the game automatically with a key.

The game is available for download again!

The game is available for download again!

The game is available for download again!

I replied to the mail

Write me an email.

I will restore the page tomorrow. For technical reasons, the project does not work on itch io

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One of these days I will re-upload the game with the bugs fixed. Send me an email who bought a copy of the game.

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The game is available for download again!

Dima is a graduate student. His family is planning a move. Finally, this day came on the seventh of September, Dima and his parents move into a new apartment. A few weeks pass and Dima receives a funny Christmas Elf doll as a gift.

This way I was able to unpack the file without any problems. The Internet is bad, so I can't upload a build without an archive..(((

try to unpack it through winrar. Since I can't understand why people have a problem. Write me an email.

I answered you on Instagram

I'm glad you did it!

What is your problem? There may be problems in a weak Internet

Answered, thank you!

Have you tried to sit down on the left CTRL button?

Write me an email.

Hello. Yes, the versions are different. There is a paid version and a free demo. Do you still have a question?))

Hi! Write to me in the mail There are problems with shopping on itch right now since I am in Russia.

write it right, Blair Witch!  not RE

ha ha.  The map is drawn by me and there is no connection with PT.  they are completely different.  My game came out earlier than Phasemaphobia.  Models are bought on the same marketplace)) Do not blame them for something without understanding.

The atmosphere is cool! Very well done.

Easy translation is not for me ))))

Очень круто выглядит игра, поиграл, но мне нужен русский язык, чтобы получить больше удовольствия. )))

When I picked up the key, the inscription did not appear that the key was picked up and I did not understand where to use it. I had to watch the video with the passage and then I realized that there was a bug. You're getting good at mastering the engine! Keep up the good work. I had this bug once, I think it's just an accident))

Great! I liked it! Special thanks for the reference to the DOOM game!))) 

There was a problem at the beginning of the game with the key from the slot machine. I picked it up, but I couldn't open the door, I had to replay it. And so everything worked cool!

No. Only for PC. :)