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Thank you! Sent!

I understand! I'm unfamiliar with Itchio, is there a way to send a message to give you the details of the project? (Or is email and such better?) Thank you!

Great works! May I ask what your rates are? Thank you! 


I think you guys succeeded! It is visually pleasing, and one reason Everbloom caught my eye was the nice art.  But I stayed because the world and the story was interesting. It's also interesting to learn that the Main Character, Aster, is a coward. I want to know more about what he's running away from, what is it in the past that he's trying to leave behind, and more about the world of Everbloom. Not just more about the disease, but the characters + the world itself. Why did the world turn its back to the village? What is Aster's and Iris' significance to the flower disease? Etc.! The more I play, the more questions I get (even if we learn more information!). I like that about Everbloom. It makes one curious, and makes one think to try to speculate what happened and such.  (I hope you don't mind the constant messages! I just liked it a lot! ; w ; ) Congratulations to the Everbloom team! And good luck with the contest! (Also yeah! I think a little more clarification for how to use items would help a lot!) I'm excited + looking forward to the final game!

Oh! I think I got them! [SPOILERS AHEAD] I just meant I'd like to learn more in-depth in the full game! I want to meet his parents to see what they look like, meet his uncle, and meet the other child! (There's Aster + Iris, and from the text I'm believing there's probably a third...? ) I want to know what his past life was like, learn more about his friendship with Iris when they were kids, and etc.! And ofc, more about the flower disease. (I know they were experimenting with it in the lab, and they brought it in the test with mice. But I'd like to learn more!) Also, I liked the ending: An unknown carrier of the disease leaving  to try to survive, and unknowingly spreading it to the rest of the world.  I can't wait to see it more fleshed out in the final game! (Also yes! I think knowing what to interact with would help! Also making some entrances/doors a bit easier? Like, knowing what's a door/what's another way through. The first time I played, I kept trying to go to the right of the first map, not knowing I had to go down on the white spot. And in the lab, I didn't notice the bottom left door. Just making it a bit more noticeable would be good!) Overall, the game has a lot of potential and I like the world already! 

I got it! And I got the ending! So, it's much easier to activate if you click the item and click what you want to interact with. (Click Key, then Click the Lock.) From the description of "double click," I thought it meant double click the item (click twice) while standing in front of what you wanted to interact with.
Thank you for the game! The visuals are nice, and I liked the mixture of beautiful aesthetic/imagery with grotesque (the flower disease, for example! and the description of how the flowers were overtaking one's body + the pain). I look forward to the full game, and learning more about the disease, the world, and what happened to the village. (I'm very curious!) Thanks for the experience! 
(Some bugs: After leaving the lab after getting all the items, there's another lamp again in the map. But you can't interact with it.)

Hi! Beautiful game here, and interesting concepts!
I'm having difficulty activating items. My first playthrough, I was able to get the key for the gate, but when I tried opening the gate, the key wasn't usable. (I got the toy key for the lock, and opened the teddy bear, then opened the combo to get that silver key.) I checked the walkthrough, and it seems to be the right key, but it wasn't activating. So I restarted the game (couldn't figure out how to save either!), but this time, the stick didn't activate when I was trying to fish out the toy key from the fountain. I was wondering why items sometimes activate and other times don't? Do we have to be in a specific spot? (The key to the gate wouldn't work till I was near the middle of the gate + was talking to the gate.) Do we have to interact with the object then try using the item? Or is this a bug or? Thank you. (Again, very interesting game! I would like to finish it, but I'm having trouble activating the certain items.)

Thank you for the speedy reply + clarification! Thank you!

Hello! What is the Youtuber's Choice Award?  How is it decided upon? Do we go on Youtube and vote or? 

Thank you!