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This game was excellent and I adore it.

Aw this was amazing.  For anybody who is a little confused, there are invisible platforms that correspond pretty well to the art in the background.  You have to jump on them to make it through the window.  First you need to actually get enough platforms though, which you achieve by walking off the right of the screen repeatedly.  If you get a platform that looks like garbage though, walk off the left to remove it.

It was still happening for about 6 hours after the post, even if I closed and re-opened the Desktop app.  But sometime after that it started working without me doing anything to change it.

Neat visuals and I liked the idea that when you build things they exist at a specific location.  Could be interesting if there were benefits to being on certain land types or near other buildings.  Only fun for about 20 seconds currently but it's got net elements.

I pushed my first upload of a new game last night using butler (command: butler status bunbun-beep-boops/the-vital-size:windows-alpha) and it looked like everything was fine given that running butler status on it shows a happy little checkmark.

|    CHANNEL    |  UPLOAD  |   BUILD   | VERSION |
| windows-alpha | #1719247 | √ #202317 |       1 |

However, I was unable to download it via the app.  I got this error instead:" API error (400): /builds/202263: invalid upload"

I was able to download the zip file, extract it, and run the executable to play the game, so the error is probably not with the game but I'm not sure.  Any idea how to fix?

So I can't remember which tool I used to compress that but I can narrow it down to 2 possibilities.  I either had not yet included zipping as part of my build automation yet, in which case I right clicked the folder and went to Send To -> Compressed File on Windows 10 (Version 1903 OS Build 18362.356).  Or I had already automated compression as part of my build process and the command was Powershell's Compress-Archive run with no options (version 5.1.18362.145 Desktop edition).  I think the second option is slightly more likely.

It probably won't come as a surprise to you that I read the minimum amount of butler's documentation to get to the point where I figured out how to make the upload happen, so I may have just missed this next thing.  I didn't realize that it was possible to push a folder instead of a .zip until you mentioned it in your response, since that's the opposite paradigm of how the manual uploads work.  I really like that you do explicitly call this exact thing out in your error message for if someone does try to push a terrible zip file so they can stop!  There may be other places you want to make that more obvious as well if that's a common error and not just a thing that I missed.

I deleted my old upload and was able to do a successful push using the folder.  Thanks for your help!

(1 edit)

Here's the command I enter.  It looks like it does start some kind of processing but then eventually abandons it for some reason.  I don't know how to diagnose the issue either as there appears to be no error message.

PS C:\Users\Zephyr\Desktop> butler push "C:\Users\Zephyr\source\repos\Eat Grow" emerassi/eat-grow-evolve:windows-alpha
∙ For channel `windows-alpha`: last build is 196238, downloading its signature
∙ Pushing 67.67 MiB (173 files, 14 dirs, 0 symlinks)
√ Re-used 99.23% of old, added 535.56 KiB fresh data
√ 193.89 KiB patch (99.72% savings)
∙ Build is now processing, should be up in a bit.

Use the `butler status emerassi/eat-grow-evolve:windows-alpha` for more information.

PS C:\Users\Zephyr\Desktop> butler status emerassi/eat-grow-evolve:windows-alpha
|    CHANNEL    |  UPLOAD  |          BUILD           | VERSION |
| windows-alpha | #1664703 | √ #196238                |       1 |
|               |          | ∙ #196332 (from #196238) |         |
PS C:\Users\Zephyr\Desktop> butler status emerassi/eat-grow-evolve:windows-alpha
|    CHANNEL    |  UPLOAD  |   BUILD   | VERSION |
| windows-alpha | #1664703 | √ #196238 |       1 |

In addition, I do get a notification from itch that I have a problem with this notification:

2 builds for Eat, Grow, Evolve failed to process 4m

But that also doesn't have any details or anything actionable.  What can I do to get butler pushing working again? Thanks!