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Hey, I'm not so new, I've taken part in 2 WGJ, but a while back using Unity. Now I'm trying to actually complete a game jam using Godot. I've played around with Godot before, I'm just not so good at putting together a whole game for some reason. 

Loved the game, the aesthetic was so reminiscent of the old ps1 days, I also found the "Hello" the shop clerk says oddly calming, and kept visiting just to hear it lol. Anyways, great game, I enjoyed it. 

This is really fun, it actually made me laugh.

Just wow, amazing game. I just had to mine every block, maybe I'm ocd lol

Just, beautiful, the music, the art the atmosphere. I really got into it once the egg was stolen. Love it.

Really fun game 

really fun game, love the atmosphere.

Cool idea, love the concept.  The controls just feel  a bit weird on keyboard. It could do with some sounds. But all in all, a fun  game.

Really cool game. wow

At first I didn't get it. Then I figured it out, and  it's a  pretty fun game. The art is very clean

So polished xD! I love how it plays 

Pretty enjoyable game there.  Nice job.

Yea, that's on me. I failed to finish, it was my first jam. Next week will be better. :)

I enjoyed it.

LOLOLOL wow, this game is stupid. But creative and interesting. good one.

The game was a great, albeit short, experience, the graphics really went well with the music choice and did a great job to tell Alexa's story. 

Sounds good to me.

omg, Kanye West!!! I'm your biggest fan. xD

Nice, I'm just learning Unity. I'm familiar with programming. Also a beginner at pixel art. Never done a game jam before, so I thought I'd try  it this one out.