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Hi, yes, you can modify these for your projects (personal & commercial) but you are not allowed to re-sell variations made out of them as assets.

Not a problem, I hope you'll find a great use of these :)

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Yes, you can use the asset pack between different projects you are working on. Just don't re-sell it or redistribute it it to other entities you are not part of.

Of course, you can use the icons for anything you like! :)

The only rule is not to redistribute the assets in any way (reselling / re-sharing).

That's great, thank you!! :D

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Yeah, starting out may be hard sometimes, I hope this will be of help, thank you! :)

Thanks! :)

Happy to hear, I hope they will be of great use :)

I'm not sure if my post was lost or not since my asset was not included but I would like to include my 10$ retro RPG icons:

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I'm coming in a bit late but I would love to add my RPG icon assets to the bundle:

You're amazing for doing this!

Hi, just got myself Sfxia and it's great! I'm happy that it sounds slightly different than BFXR. I'm wondering if you're going to expand on it - adding more presets etc.?

Thanks for the feedback! I still have plan to look into it but some priorities changed so it was pushed back in line. It's good to know there is interest though, this really helps.

Simple but interesting gameplay mechanics + wonderful execution, good job!

I'm planning to do a Linux version at some point but first I will release some updates. After that, MAC version will follow as well as Linux but I'm afraid I can't give you any ETA.

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If you find any bugs please report them here. The more detailed description of the issue, the easier I can find a fix for it. When reporting a bug please keep following format in mind:

What is the bug
What did you do when it happened?
In which map and place?


Known bugs in version 1.0.3

  • Crash on specific actions
  • Black flickering tiles appearing on the screen
  • Music stops working in some maps
  • Some text grammar mistakes
  • Spiders sometimes won't return to their original route and will get stuck
  • Player animation getting glitchy
  • If you have zoom (more than 100%) enabled on Windows desktop, fullscreen won't work properly
  • Some lights may appear without "light"

Thank you!! :)