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It reminds me of Otherkind and Ghost/Echo.

The PDF could benefit from a revision. On one hand it's beautiful, nice layout, gorgeous art. On the other hand… no author attribution, no date, no artwork credits, not TOC, no bookmarks (NO BOOKMARKS!! Adding bookmarks is trivial and should be mandatory for any PDF longer than 4 pages). There are also several instances of "it's" that should be spelled "its". The "Video Explanation" paragraph is also weird and incomplete.

Any love for those who don't want to print everything?

In Acrobat Reader, it's in the menu "View" -> "Page Display" -> "Show Cover Page in Two Page View".

Unfortunately, in Acrobat Reader there's no button and no keyboard shortcut for it, you got to use the menu. That's one reason why I prefer other PDF readers (PDF-XChange Editor on Windows and Foxit on macOS).

Most PDF readers (as in, all but the most rubbish ones) have the option to consider the cover as a separate page when viewing two pages side-by-side. In other words, you can choose to have the odd pages on the left or on the right side. There's no need for a version "optimized for two-page on-screen viewing".

Is there a pun I'm missing, or did you misspelled "botanicals"?

It's "bestiary", not "beastiary".

Yeah, of course. I understand.

This is very nice.

It irks me a little, though, that the odds are wrong (15% instead of 12.5% and 85% instead of 87.5%).

Fixed, thanks.

The PDF seems to be corrupted. Or something.

Game like its it's 1972


In #1, there's a link to "Der Tresor", which isn't available any more.

Luckily, there's "Der Tresor II".

Something to consider in case you want to upload an updated PDF.

One of the players will take the role of the Quest Giver


Small typo: page 1, line 1, "who’s" should be "whose".

Just a minor note on the layout: at every chapter the decorative banners flip side. Not a huge deal, but a bit annoying. The banners also stick out a bit too much, maybe make their background grey like the page?