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please do, Ill like a more official looking and specific license to follow


Question can this asset pack be used in a commercial game?

Here is a game I made for LD48

Its an endless fall-er where you got to survive the fall by avoiding obstacles on your way. Aim for the highest score.

Browser compatible

I love this art style its a shame it does not have screenshots. The story is good but the text boxes are slow. Very educational game too, I learned a lot.

Very cool game I liked the concept of harvesting of ingredients and selling them great work with the theming too

Very Cute and fun. The Xylophone part is super hard but I would love to play it with more if more chances to make mistakes are given.

Love the theming. Gameplay-wise, Its basically harder pong with goals. It’s fun to toss the ball around at lighting speeds.

Appreciate the fact there is a bestiary Included with the download. I like the gameplay of having to defeat monsters to gain an orb that creates platforms. The Machete trow is cool. The music is very repetitive and could use some work.

Very cinematic I like it However, the platforming is very floaty and it does a lot of wall jumps unintentionally making it very hard to control.

Que chevere es el juego. Love the gameplay and how you can speed up and down. Very relaxing.

Great Artstyle. I just wish that the enemies would do something, other than that, great job.

Very simple and addicting, I would play this if it was on mobile

700 puntos !! I love the environment sound design and the charge mechanic. If I were to add anything it would be a combo system, where you get more points if don’t miss the next shoot.

The game’s a bit confusing, but with more some work, it could manage. I also liked the task system it reminds me of among us. Also Moonwalking chiken.

Exito A todos en el game jam

Contains a virus dont download

Hello there,

I always wanted to  complete a  dev log; so here we are.
About me

  • I’m  Emanvidmaker
  • I'm from Puerto Rico (Shootouts to PR Game Devs)
  • I'm a solo dev but i'm currently studying game programming, so i apologize in advance about any lack of updates
  • I make Video Game develops and tutorials on YouTube and Instagram
    Check it out, you will like it: 

Please follow my twitter for the latest updates:

Now onto the devlog:

Thanks for your feedback

Its from the previous gamejam; Dont play. (proof)

Nice very simple i like it

(1 edit)

pero va encontra de las reglas del jam; hacerlo antes :/

Nitido juego!

This bug will be fixed in the next patch, thanks for the heads up

really good altho i culd'nt complet it since im bad at jumping puzzles

i like it!

good game liked the simple story

good game

10/10 Really liked the gameplay art direction!