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Eugene Lymar

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Very nice work for the short amount of time!

nice approach

Thanks for the feedback!

Interesting, the first idea I had for this jam was also morse code. Glad to see great minds think alike ;)

Nicely done! I felt the immediate urge to go outside instead of pressing the button. 

This is difficult! I like the gameplay and the art. Is this procedurally generated?

I like the use of the space button jump and also kick in the air. What engine/framework did you use?

The art is my favorite part. Very lighthearted!

Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to add some screen shake and some music/sounds but ran out of time. First time using Godot for a full-ish game so it took waaay longer to build everything.

Thank you! When I saw one button that was the first thing that came to mind, the old iPhone. Appreciate the feedback.

Thank you for the feedback! I agree. Bug fixes and expansion will come after.

The art is my favorite part of this game, but it's overall great. You guys rock.

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Gorgeous aesthetic, and innovative gameplay mechanics. Well done!

The character is great!

Thanks for the feedback! I wish I had more time to do some more apps. Glad you like it.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Will be making some changes :)

Thank you!

Thanks! I speed up the apps but not the guy. After the voting period I’ll implement this.

Thank you for the reply. That did the trick!

Hi, I'm having trouble loading an asset. 
My game structure is simple:

    • index.html
    • build/
      • game.js
    • assets/
      • font.otf

I am trying to load the font in, but seem to be getting some XML response. 

I load the font in the js using p5js with loadFont('../assets/font.otf', ...

Is there another way I should be handling this? Are the paths off?