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Yes, I did join your patrons again and I downloaded it, thank you. It's not that I cannot subscribe of course I just dislike to do so. And my main concern was that I thought there will be no executable to download just a web-browser version like it was in the past (I was already your patron due to this game for one month about a year ago when I played it. ;-))

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Ah, ok thanks. So there is a downloadable NSFW version for patrons now? In that case I'll (re)subscribe, at least for a month. ;-) I actually like your work and would happily support you by buying your stuff but I truly hate subscriptions and I also dislike playing things in web-browsers or on remote places. Not only because it is limited but also because they tend to go "poof" over time and I like to "archive" good things.

Update: Done! Thanks a lot for info/help. :-)

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I liked this game but I have a question for the developer: Is there any chance there will be a (purchaseable, it does not have to be for free, it does not even have to be cheap) NSFW version of this game in form of downloadable Windows executable and not just remote, web-browser-based, subscription only version?

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Plus, of course, great games are Cinders from MoaCube and Along The Edge from Novabox.

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You may also want to try Second Chance, very nice game with choices, consequences and immersive + romantic story.

I went through this but unfortunately I didn't like it. The choices are plentiful and probably meaningful, the problem is - my goal is _hard coded_ and my character wants to escape, no matter what. Maybe I got my expectations wrong but I was hoping to be able to chose goals (and so personality as well) of my character. Like - for example - that she will actually _want_ to become Queen.

Well, that's the "beauty" of kickstarter. She doesn't. Morally - yes, sure, absolutely. Legally - none at all. ;-) But - to her credit - I do not think this was a scam. Many inexperienced (semi) amateur developers just don't realize how taxing the development of a game can become, especially when the initial excitement is gone and it turns into just "hard and boring work every day". Particularly in case of the (very ambitiously) branching product, which grows into "exponential hell" with each and every player's decision made. Imho she knows now for sure she will never finish this but is ashamed to openly admit it to her audience, especially if that audience actually paid her money. And if I'm wrong - I'll be only glad to admit my mistake.

Can't wait.  I really loved Along The Edge and Seers Isle looks very promising too, perhaps matching my preferences even better as it is a real fantasy!

I don't get it. I try to romance Emmitt, he likes me a lot but no matter what I do, when he finally makes me cookies and confesses he likes me, me (Robin) always harshly refuses him. What do I do wrong? Also... Even if it is indeed my fault I find it a bit unfortunate design that the romance fails because _my_ character's (Robin) does not do what I want her to do - there is no possibility to accept his proposal.

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I'm disappointed too, especially since this looked like a (very) good game, but well... that's how Kickstarter works. You don't buy a product you buy a hope and there is no guarantee the developer will keep up his/her promises. More usually not than yes, overestimating his/her abilities, long-lasting devotion to actually finish the thing, time available, scope of the project and sometimes - but that's imho the most rare case - becoming the victim of some unexpected/unpredictable events. There is a reason why there are those "evil big companies" with deadlines and employees with obligations to "deliver". Leaving the project dead without at least an apology is perhaps "not nice" but his/her very right. You can rant about it but that's all you can really do.

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You surely did and I can't wait for more from you. :-) I love this genre but imho there are very few good VNs out there. For me a good VN is defined by tons of (meaningful) choices, chance to shape the main protagonist by them, nice graphics and an interesting story, preferably heroic and not overly weird. Yours had it all. :-) And on top of it it fits my personal preferences too, which are fantasy setting, a powerful female protagonist (ideally a mage/witch/sorceress even) and of course some interesting romance. ;-) While especially your romances were probably the best I've ever seen, including AAA games. They had emotional depth and were not always trivial to achieve. Many VNs/games confuse romance for a shallow 'click who you want to kiss/bang and it will happen' but you definitely didn't fall for such cheap facade and you have big kudos for it. :-)

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I really loved this one.

It's an excellent long visual novel with lot of branches, some heavy (but logical) twists, a chance to shape the character's morality (and "win" as either good or evil, yay! ;-)) plus a self-sustained female in the main role, which is a very talented sorceress on top of it. This hit almost all of my (personal) preferences so well I simply had to love it and thanks again for making it! The characters are likebale and romance was quite touching at many places (especially Xander and the finale!) and it was really enjoyable to live it through.

However I do have few reservations to the text, which I will list here. Please take it more as suggestions for improvement than criticism, because I really love this product and if I wouldn't I wouldn't even bother to write anything in the first place. :-) It is no doubt one of the best VNs I played (and there is very few to my taste):

- Grammar and typos. I'm not from UK/US and my English is far from flawless but some mistakes were so severe that even I was disturbed by them or they even made it hard to understand the sentence's meaning. One for all: "She's nothing I can handle" - was an option at one point which in fact meant "She's nothing I _cannot_ handle".

- Give the reader a bit of credit in regard of his/her intelligence, it will make the story even more likebale and touching. Quite often there were lines like "I didn't have to look who it was. I already knew. It was Xander." Or something like that, where from the story even the reader knew it had to be him and the next paragraph would confirm it anyway. In this case, simply scratch that "It was Xander." and leave it hanging in the air instead. It's much more novel-like.

- Lastly... I know this may be hard to implement in a VN with four love-interests and so much freedom in choices but sometimes I felt the novel keeps all options open for too long. Like it was already quite clear from the previous choices who Aria loves or hates and yet she still pondered "romance" even with the character she already made clear to dislike or doubted her interest in the one she was already very close to. And the same was valid for their reactions towards her.