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Final release is go! Still some bugs but that pesky spawn bug should be gone for good!

Have fun folx :)

Optimization...!!! Something to consider for 1.0 this weekend :D

UE4 isn't great about giving the player a launcher for graphics quality so I will tone down the overall and hopefully that will help. Long-term I'd love to develop an easy-to-reimplement graphics (and audio) settings menu in UE4 so I will make a mental note. Cheers!

The aesthetic idea overall was to make something simple but with a high degree of fidelity but then render it down and find something fun in between. Can always balance that more as I find more fun decisions to make :)

This might be due to the absurd amount of music I am loading... Might not run too well on laptops or older machines. Maybe give it a couple minutes? Sorry you had that experience!!! :/ :/

Not a problem even a little bit. Looks fantastic, can't wait to share!

I see now from the downloading page that it is not!

Is streaming alright?

Mamma mia, so many features!! I love the amount of options here. I will say it was a bit overwhelming and I still don't quite understand why I failed certain objectives. Overall, great job though. Concept could definitely be expanded out!

I really dig the vibe you have going here. Great intro. Even though the atmosphere is more relaxed I do miss having some kind of landing correction and/or rag doll when I mess things up and smack into something. Speaking of, I missed a bridge and went flying straight through the side of the cliff and under the world :( Maybe a reset button would help

Wow, nothing but good things to say about this. Seems like you spent your time very wisely!

This made me smile a lot.