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No, 32x32 pixels.

They are exclusive to my Patreon page. You can get them with the first membership tier.

Yep, updated them. Thanks for the heads up!

I don't think I understand your question? He already has a jumping animation included :)

Why do you think it's called "pixel" art ? :)
You can use this site to rescale it without quality loss:

Thank you! What I draw is decided by my patrons at the end of each month. I have plans to do a stone carvers bench and a wood chopping station. If they get voted in the patreon polls, I might do another, separate pack of crafting tables in the future on itch. Or if you are interested, you can check out the cooking station, mechanic bench and the tailoring station on my ko-fi shop before I publish them as a pack here.

The slices are 32x32 pixels, the rat itself is about 16x9 pixels.

Only 2 directions :)

Hi, it will eventually come to my itch shop. If you don't want to wait for it, you can get it on my ko-fi shop.

Hi, I'm not yet open for commissions. You can follow my ko-fi page to see when I'm available for commission work. 

Please read what is written under the gif that shows four mages.

They are to one side only. Two if you flip them :)

It's not exactly CC BY-NC 4.0 though. There are supplemental permissions and terms to it. So you have to see the whole page to understand what the license terms.

That link works, check your internet connection please. 

Here's another link where you can read the license: is this link not working for you?

There is a link on the top and the bottom of the description text for the license.

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Nope. (Not yet at least)

Hello, I'm currently not open for commissions. Cooking Stations are available on my ko-fi page already, and will be available here in a couple of months if you don't mind waiting. I will add the tailoring station to my patreon polls for you, which is how it is decided on what I draw on a monthly basis. If it's choosen you can grab it on my ko-fi page or wait for it to arrive here later on. Hope this helps!

Hello, thank you for the kind words. Please see my F.A.Q page for information on 4-directional characters:

Thanks! No spesific color pallete was used for this :)

Well done, very creative :D

It can be used in a commercial game. There are links on the page to the licensing page for the details. I'm not sure what exactly you want to know with your second question but the sprites face one side only (two if you flip them) meaning what you see in the preview image is basically what you get.  So it's upto you to make it work for a 2d platformer or a top-down game. 

If you read the license carefully, you'll see that even if you modify the sprites you are not allowed to use this asset in crypto-related projects. If that doesn't work for you, you should just move along. Thank you!

Yes. :)

Uh.. No, its a cute dude under the cloak :D

This one is 64x32 px. Pretty much all my sprite slice dimensions are powers of 32.

Yes! There are more than a hundred projects that use my sprites that I'm aware of. 
Some of the notable commercial ones:


Slices are 64x64px

Amazing pack! 

Worked on this file on PS so no xml file, sorry :)

Each slice for the body is 96x96 pixels. For the arms 64x64 pixels. It is written here on the page.

See the Adventurer store page for all that info. 

Yep, feel free to modify the sprites.

Hi, quick question: Do you eat scope for breakfast? Thanks.

Hey! Thanks for all the valuable feed. I usually don't get any and it's nice to see things through an outsiders perspective. I'll definitely keep these in mind for the future of the assets :D 

When I create packs I try not to place an asset in several packs in the same marketplace. Meaning, for example, if you stick to just ko-fi and buy the packs you won't pay for the same asset twice. As you said, though, the packs on ko-fi are not complete yet. Since I do "themed packs" there (e.g dragons, undead monsters etc.) and I can't always justify creating packs for the themes that has small number of assets. So it might always be fragmented in that regard :D

For updates on ko-fi, if I ever update an asset with the purpose of fixing some faulty bits, you get the update through a ko-fi message free of charge. Similar with itch, you just need to re-download the file. It just gets tricky with Patreon. On patreon I create an update post and deliver the updated files for the patrons. Yes, that means sometimes you need to be a paid patron to get the update but I also deliver the sprites through patreon messages if need be. 

You shouldn't see being a patron as "leeching"  :D I get that a lot. People message me about feeling bad for "taking advantage of patreon" but that's the use I've intended for my patreon page. You make a one-time payment to get all the assets and catch up with all the assets I've done, and if you'd like,  you downgrade your pledge to a tier you find comfortable paying and keep getting new assets and perks. Itch page is here to support patreon if you just need a couple of assets and ko-fi page is for commissions and themed packs for people irked by patreons subscription system. You should store the assets locally anyways by the way, since we live in an age where websites can change policies overnight and force me to delete everything I have here and migrate to elsewhere. It happened before, it might again. 

That being said, I totally get your point. I might do something different for the "access all the assets" sorta purchase thing in the future.

I don't expect the user to guess what's in the yearly packs :D These packs are not loot boxes or kinder surprise eggs. On the front page of my patreon page you can find the link to complete list of assets I have done. I've tried to be as transparent as I can when I created the spreadsheet. It shows you what was created in what year (for yearly packs), in which sites you can get the assets, in what packs the assets are available, what assets would you get if you pledged on each patreon tier for that month specifically. 

Thanks again for all the feedback and sorry for the wall of text :D

Hey! I get that comment a lot from people who hasn't read the licensing page throughly :D
With CC licenses you can't restrict terms of the licence but can only give more permissions. So I had to choose a non-commercial licence, then give permission to use the sprites for commercial projects with the condition of that said projects can't be anything blockchain-related. So in short, you are free to use the sprites in commercial projects but the project can't be a p2e game, nft project, web3 thing, or future inventions in the blockchain technologies etc. I hope that clears things. 

But if you still have doubts, here are some commercial games that use my sprites:

Hey! On patreon if you go for the tier that unlocks everything, you can download %80 of the assets with 3 clicks since I've bundled them as yearly packs for easy downloading. You just need to download the current year of assets one by one. On the other hand I've been actually slowly doing bundles on my ko-fi shop. I'll probably bring them onto itch somewhere in the future but there are no immidiate plans for it. Hope this helps! 

You can try to download the same file for free here: