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If you carefully read the license page, you'll see it allows you to use it on commercial projects. Yes the title says "Non-Commercial" but I've given supplemental permissions to by-pass that. That was the only way I could give just the right amount of rights to use the sprites. People sometimes criticize me about this but that's what the creative commons support suggested when I asked them what would be the best license for my case. So, yeah, in short, you  are free to use the sprites on your commercial project, as long as you don't re-sell, re-distribute the sprites by themselves. 

Yep, thanks for the heads up!

Yep. I don't really support the way they falsely advertise their game but they are not doing anything breaking the rules of my licensing.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well, if you draw it from scratch, it's not really my sprite anymore is it? :D 

Hey, I've reuploaded the file, I hope that fixes the issue. Thanks for the heads up!

Hello, the white one is the arbelist, a patreon exclusive character. They are available on the first tier:

Indeed :D

Hey, that tileset is free on my patreon page: 

Hey, Im not open for commissions right now, sorry.

23px x 24px are the size of the turret. Each slice is 32x32 px on the sprite sheet.

Hey, you can e-mail me at: :)

ellerinize sağlık! hikaye çok tatlıydı. tutorial'ın oyuna yedirilme şekli de çok hoşuma gitti. oyunun mekaniği de çok güzel.

I'm glad you like it. Good luck with the game! :)

I don't plan on adding more animations to the character, no.  You can use the 3rd frame of his run animation as a jump frame though.

But the fox is too tiny for that! :D

He's about 19x24 pixels, each slice is 32x32 pixels on the sprite sheet.

Hey, thanks for the heads up, while I fix this you can download the file from my patreon for free:

Yes the webs are also in the sprite sheet :)

Sure thing! When you buy the sprites you get to use them on both commercial and non-commercial projects.
You can read about licencing here:

Yep, feel free to edit the sprites to you needs. :)

If you are asking if you can edit the sprites, yes you can. 

Good luck! Looking forward to it!

Thank you for the kind words! Best of luck with the game! :)

Yes, you can! You can read about licensing here:

This one is 32x32 pixels.

There are no up and down animations though. You get what you see on the gif.

Hey, sorry for the wait, if you download the new files everthing should be okay. 

Each slice should be 64x96 px. I'll check and see if there are any spacing issues when I can find the time. If you are using unity, you can edit the slices on Sprite Editor in the meanwhile. 

Yep, you are free to modify them to you needs!  You can read more about the licensing here:

Hey, I don't speak Portuguese, sorry. I also don't do commissions at this time unfortunately.

It's there now, sorry :D

Ah, thanks for the heads up. There should be no problem now.

I've cropped and uploaded a new file that should be easier to use. Check it out!

There are already arena, forest and dungeon tilesets on my patreon for free. But, yeah, I plan on  making more tilesets.  Forest tileset is pretty close to a plains setting. I'm glad the sprites are to your liking!

If you are asking about the gif, it's 10 frames per second.

Everything you see is included in the pack as sprite sheets. So there are no gif or unity animation files but there are png files with all the animation frames. 

I use the read squares as an anchor point when I animate things, it shouldn't be on the files. So just delete them if you can.

Thanks a lot for the heads up! It seems I've had uploaded the wrong file. I've fixed it now.

No, only sideways.

Go for it! I don't remember if I updated the files here but on my patreon you can find the most recent files. In the last update I did running upwards animation for the adventurer.  It's ofcourse free there as well. Happy developing!