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Already did fire elemental. I'll be uploading it soon!

No problem at all, thanks for asking!

Hey, the thing is, as long as you don't resell/redistribute the sprites we are okay. As for the credit, it's always apreciated even if the artist specifically demands it so, yeah, I'd like that. I might do platformer sprites in the future. However how far in the future, that I  don't know. Happy developing!

Yes. Yes it is.

Nope, that's a different asset.

Will do, thanks! 

Hey, we were wondering if it would be okay for us to use punctuations to convey some feelings like surprise and shock. Would that count as "using text" ? Thanks!

As long as you don't resell/distribute the assets you are free to use them in commercial/non-commercial projects. Credits are not necessary but always appreciated.

Yeaaah.. Thats one of the old sprite sheets, you might need to re-arrange the sprites for that. The sprite sheets after this one are all aligned properly tho. 

Credits are always appreciated :D

Thanks a lot! :D Happy developing!

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

I need to prioritize the characters my patrons voted on. Next up is a zombie and an arbelist, then a griffin. I'll get to more gladiators eventually. Just don't know when :) Thanks for the patience. 

Looks awesome! :D 

I'll definetely give it a shot!

I've actually done more attack animations and a jump animation for this character. They'll be available soon.  Stay tuned in! :D

I plan to do so at some point, though I don't know when. Stay tuned in! ^^

Happy developing my dude! :D

Thanks for the tip, I might do variations of the Gladiator later on!

Hey! Im happy it's useful for someone! Happy developing!

Thanks for the offer, I'm not looking to take part in a project right now.

You'll need to readjust pivot points of the sprites.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep these in mind!

Oh, I'll add Gladiators to my list! Thanks for the suggestion! 

Hello, once you buy the pack you are free to do anything with the assets, except for reselling or redistributing them. 

Absolutely! Feel free to use in any commercial project!