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You have to complete the level to continue (select any edges of the graph which create a spanning tree)

I just wanted to say that the controls in this little game is flawless. Rigidbory cube, acceleation by rotation, bouncy screen borders and forest with a force field. It's so addicting. Art is also gorgeos btw.

Omg you right, I completly forgot about music, my bad! Thank you for the reply! I glad you my game!

It took me about an hour to do this, and it worth it (no). This game has some interesting mechanics:

  • Boxes fall at the platform, they can't just fall out of the screen
  • You can carry boxes on yourself
  • Boxes can stuck midair if you stop midair with a box.

This allowed me to push the box on the left side of a screen. I tried to do it with a golden box, but after a lot of attempts I gave up. I think that 2 golden boxes at both sides may be enough to get a high score, since there are a lot of batteries falling out of the sky. For now, as a proof of concept, take this little brown box. 

PS. I love the game :D

Even with simple graphics this game is fun to play! Controlls are simple and predictable. Also I really enjoyed variety of enemys. Gread job!

Good game for 72 hours jam! I like core mechanics, but unfortunaly they became monotonous over time. Controlls are great, I love idea of playing with both hands on a keyboard. Graphics also need some improvment. Overall it's a solid game created in a short time. Great job!

Thank you for your reply! To be honest, when I was working on the game I was struggling with sounds. I didn't want to add something: SFX would break fun and I couldn't even imagine any appropriate music. I glad you like my game. It means a lot to me <3 

Thank you for your reply! I glad you like my game, at least at the beginning :) Also, thanks for the great ideas. When I was working on the game my mind was stuck trying to make it strategic. I don't know why, but I didn't even think about making reaction-based components...