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oh, sorry, no


Yeah, that never made it to the final files.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks! Probably not?

Swapping titles/roles for assets should be fine, because Ironsworn's balance comes from narrative choices and pacing. Every step is up to you!

Thanks so much!

Are the pre-gens available anywhere for download, please? For convention one-shots?


Love this! Really wished I hadn't missed the kickstarter! Rules question, please: Do Heart Dice start at one, just like gift dice? I can't seem to find that in the rulebook.

Markdown and plaintext files coming soon! I am sleepy! Also will correct any typos you find! I am sleepy!

also: thanks for coming back, and for your support!

it's been a long time, but I think I was counting Friendship as the second move, as Risk and Friendship are the only two rules starting with "When you".

I am sorry, I will re-read and try to remember. The most important thing is that you can't Risk without Resolve, they are the uphill and downhill of the core mechanism.

This is absolutely delightful and rich and thoughtful and WELL DONE, YOU

You are consistently astonishing

Just boxes, not ticks. I will make that clearer if I can. Sorry!

Insightful! Thanks, I'll take another look at this soon and see what can be done.

Best headline ever

🙂 Cool!

Thanks so much! Backed at the highest tier and printed my trifolds, created my first hero, psyched!

Last question: Do swords (and special items like the bow) take up pouch slots? 🌟

Can stats be reduced below the starting array in any of the quickstart pamphlets?

Love this game, btw, backing on KS for sure.

Thanks for the feedback! I,m glad you're enjoying the hack, and hacking it further to taste!

Lots to consider, which I will do. Friendship was intended as a direct port of the bonds track, maybe I should've thought that through longer in terms of labels. Oracles, too, were a direct port of the most basic binary oracle. I do prefer granularity in most mechanics, so I am surprised I didn't go more Archipelago on it.

Thanks again, rock on!

As for progress rolls, I like them, too! I just didn't want to add any more meat to this lean hack.

I added a page break before the Progress heading, the last paragraph of which hopefully explains XP. Please let me know if that's unclear. Thanks again!

Thanks! I will correct the double T on tthis.

(1 edit)

Nice catch! I will update the readable asap.

Update: Progress is already in the readable file.

(1 edit)

Good point! The text could probably benefit from a further clarification. You should gain a benefit befitting the fictional premise of the roll, then decide what happens and reduce an appropriate resource - so if you choose the same resource, they would absolutely cancel out. It's closer to the changing spirit of the game if you win some and then lose some(thing else), though! It's up to you if you prefer your story to have a "nothing happens" state, but that doesn't propel the fiction forward.

No problem, I hope you enjoy the hack and what ideas it could inspire!

Whoo! Fixed. Thanks again for letting me know.

It looks like I either pasted pre-an SRD update or somehow got mixed up, but the files will be amended later today with the SRD's current verbatim plus a clarifier: 

This work is based on Ironsworn (found at, created by Shawn Tomkin, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( The same license applies to Winsome itself.

Thanks for pointing this out! I will review this trilogy of factors and update everything ASAP.

This is one of the things I was really looking forward to in Blades Against Darkness, it's great to see something similar-yet-different heading towards the light of day.

Glad to be of service! I always hesitate before sending feedback like this. Your game is wonderful.


Hi! It looks like the file was updated 3 days ago, does this version include all the community management rules mentioned in the KS update?

Just checking because there's no devlog and I noticed a familiar typo on the first line of page 26. Thanks!

Love the changes! Quick question, though, are the playbooks missing part V?

(This did not happen, but I haven't forgotten - I'm just incredibly busy at the moment, sorry. I am feeling optimistic that I will be in a better position to look at this soon, and maybe make a bunch of new stuff, besides)

There is a portrait sheet with them in the Discord, I am working on my changes now, hoping to publish within the week. 🙂

Thanks for the reminder! I'll go check where things ended up and see what I can do.