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Love this so much I accidentally grabbed it twice!

Small request, please: Is there any chance of a future update including a single page layout (to allow booklet printing), please?

Either way, so cool!

cute song and lyrics but don't say bad things about my son or this country just because the monarchy ruined it oh wait that's my point

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29 Oct, 5:36 am UTC

I love this! Thanks!
PS: The VG pdf.pdf seems to be missing some pages? No matter with everything in the layout PDF to hand a community copy to a friend after printing. So neat!

Thanks, wishing you all the best with it, hope it works for you and would love to hear all about it!

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Hi! Thanks for your interest in the game, and your questions are good because they help review and refine the text.

  • Spending a point in Lore allows a player to introduce a piece of knowledge to the fiction via their character, specifically something they learned (and perhaps when/where/how they learned it) which would be helpful to their current plight/quest/course of action. Wits is similar, but to introduce a sight/sound/sensation/smell which the character notices right here and now (or at least very recently in the immediate vicinity). The intention was to present something akin to Spout Lore/Discern Realities from Dungeon World, but in a token economy, not a roll for hold. Does that help? Is there any way you think that could be clearer in our text?
  • Spotlight movement is very much a table culture thing which varies from group to group. One group might prefer initiative systems or clockwise order, or just jumping around based on character fiction and/or player enthusiasm, and each person's readiness to contribute. This game was working within a self-imposed word/page limit, so both this and any other table tools, including safety, were considered out of scope beyond the introductory paragraph assuming friends who share the table, and all that infers, including the assumption that it's usually fairer to dream up dangers and treasures for each other in equal measure, avoiding the inequity of people dreaming up too many treasures for themselves, and too many dangers for others.

Hope this helps in the short term, and perhaps a future release of the text will handle these specific concepts directly and/or in better detail. Have a great day, yourself!

Thanks! I will check if I can make it clearer in the rules, but it's basically the optional rule from Shawn's book wherein you replace Assets with Roles.

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tl/dr: I love Dungeon World, but I miss my d20 and there's still so much to read in that game. I crave a hastened play experience, and abolishing GMs unless you need more surprise.

Designer's notes: Single A4 sheet for rules, flip side for character sheet. 500 words for rules, consisting of an intro paragraph and eight distinct moves. Familiar six stats from traditional D&D and each has an associated resource which either informs capabilities, or is spent to shape outcomes, or both. Familiar d20 from D&D married to the PbtA triad of graduated outcomes, no DC to set beyond your own stats. If there's one thing I wish I had done differently, it would be to ignore word count and enchance the clarity of each move's intent, because I know what things are for but I'm not sure if anyone else reading it will actually grok how I imagine play.

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You cannot take from me any thing that I will more willingly part withal! Please nab it and run!

(tl/dr: no, I don't mind)

I love this, and immediately houseruled it to remove the GM, because everything you need to run it is right on the page, even if you're all being monsters! Rapturous applause.

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Thanks! Every chance. I was waiting for Shawn to finalise his new sheet layout, has that happened? I will check the channels and see asap.

Thanks so much! Glad you like it!

Awesome! Really appreciate it. These tiles are so, so pretty.

So pretty.

Cool! The mailing list signup page doesn't seem to be configured for HTTPS, wasn't sure if you're aware. Thanks!

Excellent. For me, it's just to hold people's hands in terms of when they should let someone else take the reigns due to conflict of interest, but I get that not all players need that explicit direction on their sheet.

It's really cool! Are there any plans to add "pick up/trade" suggestions to the setting elements?

All Bards Must Pay

I love watching your game travel across all these systems! Well done!

It is the latter for sure! The RPS mechanic is gaining popularity in a bunch of places without cross-pollination, like some zeitgeist thingamy!

I love this! May I also recommend similar projects from myself and another? I love stuffing my wallet with these.

Cool! Thanks!

I love this, but have two questions!

  1.  The rules sheet says HP statrs at 10, the character sheet says 8.
  2. Inventory score (and where to put increases) isn't very clear at first glance. Should the lines be broken to indicate up to 16 slots?

A Forest of Whispering Speakers:
A Pamphlet Dungeon Escape Module for Troika!

Love the cover, looking forward to seeing the rest of the game!

I love this, and we can't wait to play it!

Quick rules question, please: The diagram and accompanying text say you farm on turns 4 & 8, but the next page says 4 & 5. Is the last one a typo?


I'm new. Did I err?

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Secret Dragons

In this bare-bones role-playing game, you are dragons who have taken the form of common folk in order to explore their world & learn what it’s like to be a mere mortal in service to others.

I'm sharing this one because it's the first thing I made which I thought was pretty enough and innovative enough to be worthy of posting on itch. I hope more people try it, and that some of them like it, because it was something I really enjoyed dreaming up.

I'm now working on something prettier and simpler, about solemn pilgrimages across a fantasy world.