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Jordan: We're very sorry you're having a difficult couple of years. We're all having a difficult couple of years. Just log in and tell your customers what to expect for their money, because they trusted you with it. It's a small obligation which rests with you. Even if the news is bad, speak it.

Well said!

Insightful! Thanks, I'll take another look at this soon and see what can be done.

Best headline ever

🙂 Cool!

Thanks so much! Backed at the highest tier and printed my trifolds, created my first hero, psyched!

Last question: Do swords (and special items like the bow) take up pouch slots? 🌟

Can stats be reduced below the starting array in any of the quickstart pamphlets?

Love this game, btw, backing on KS for sure.

Thanks for the feedback! I,m glad you're enjoying the hack, and hacking it further to taste!

Lots to consider, which I will do. Friendship was intended as a direct port of the bonds track, maybe I should've thought that through longer in terms of labels. Oracles, too, were a direct port of the most basic binary oracle. I do prefer granularity in most mechanics, so I am surprised I didn't go more Archipelago on it.

Thanks again, rock on!

As for progress rolls, I like them, too! I just didn't want to add any more meat to this lean hack.

I added a page break before the Progress heading, the last paragraph of which hopefully explains XP. Please let me know if that's unclear. Thanks again!

Thanks! I will correct the double T on tthis.

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Nice catch! I will update the readable asap.

Update: Progress is already in the readable file.

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Good point! The text could probably benefit from a further clarification. You should gain a benefit befitting the fictional premise of the roll, then decide what happens and reduce an appropriate resource - so if you choose the same resource, they would absolutely cancel out. It's closer to the changing spirit of the game if you win some and then lose some(thing else), though! It's up to you if you prefer your story to have a "nothing happens" state, but that doesn't propel the fiction forward.

No problem, I hope you enjoy the hack and what ideas it could inspire!

Whoo! Fixed. Thanks again for letting me know.

It looks like I either pasted pre-an SRD update or somehow got mixed up, but the files will be amended later today with the SRD's current verbatim plus a clarifier: 

This work is based on Ironsworn (found at, created by Shawn Tomkin, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( The same license applies to Winsome itself.

Thanks for pointing this out! I will review this trilogy of factors and update everything ASAP.

This is one of the things I was really looking forward to in Blades Against Darkness, it's great to see something similar-yet-different heading towards the light of day.

Glad to be of service! I always hesitate before sending feedback like this. Your game is wonderful.


Hi! It looks like the file was updated 3 days ago, does this version include all the community management rules mentioned in the KS update?

Just checking because there's no devlog and I noticed a familiar typo on the first line of page 26. Thanks!

Love the changes! Quick question, though, are the playbooks missing part V?

(This did not happen, but I haven't forgotten - I'm just incredibly busy at the moment, sorry. I am feeling optimistic that I will be in a better position to look at this soon, and maybe make a bunch of new stuff, besides)

There is a portrait sheet with them in the Discord, I am working on my changes now, hoping to publish within the week. 🙂

Thanks for the reminder! I'll go check where things ended up and see what I can do.

cute song and lyrics but don't say bad things about my son or this country just because the monarchy ruined it oh wait that's my point

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29 Oct, 5:36 am UTC

I love this! Thanks!
PS: The VG pdf.pdf seems to be missing some pages? No matter with everything in the layout PDF to hand a community copy to a friend after printing. So neat!

Thanks, wishing you all the best with it, hope it works for you and would love to hear all about it!

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Hi! Thanks for your interest in the game, and your questions are good because they help review and refine the text.

  • Spending a point in Lore allows a player to introduce a piece of knowledge to the fiction via their character, specifically something they learned (and perhaps when/where/how they learned it) which would be helpful to their current plight/quest/course of action. Wits is similar, but to introduce a sight/sound/sensation/smell which the character notices right here and now (or at least very recently in the immediate vicinity). The intention was to present something akin to Spout Lore/Discern Realities from Dungeon World, but in a token economy, not a roll for hold. Does that help? Is there any way you think that could be clearer in our text?
  • Spotlight movement is very much a table culture thing which varies from group to group. One group might prefer initiative systems or clockwise order, or just jumping around based on character fiction and/or player enthusiasm, and each person's readiness to contribute. This game was working within a self-imposed word/page limit, so both this and any other table tools, including safety, were considered out of scope beyond the introductory paragraph assuming friends who share the table, and all that infers, including the assumption that it's usually fairer to dream up dangers and treasures for each other in equal measure, avoiding the inequity of people dreaming up too many treasures for themselves, and too many dangers for others.

Hope this helps in the short term, and perhaps a future release of the text will handle these specific concepts directly and/or in better detail. Have a great day, yourself!

Thanks! I will check if I can make it clearer in the rules, but it's basically the optional rule from Shawn's book wherein you replace Assets with Roles.

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tl/dr: I love Dungeon World, but I miss my d20 and there's still so much to read in that game. I crave a hastened play experience, and abolishing GMs unless you need more surprise.

Designer's notes: Single A4 sheet for rules, flip side for character sheet. 500 words for rules, consisting of an intro paragraph and eight distinct moves. Familiar six stats from traditional D&D and each has an associated resource which either informs capabilities, or is spent to shape outcomes, or both. Familiar d20 from D&D married to the PbtA triad of graduated outcomes, no DC to set beyond your own stats. If there's one thing I wish I had done differently, it would be to ignore word count and enchance the clarity of each move's intent, because I know what things are for but I'm not sure if anyone else reading it will actually grok how I imagine play.

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You cannot take from me any thing that I will more willingly part withal! Please nab it and run!

(tl/dr: no, I don't mind)

I love this, and immediately houseruled it to remove the GM, because everything you need to run it is right on the page, even if you're all being monsters! Rapturous applause.