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Hi Cyberwolf!! Thanks for the video and sorry about the optimization.

Muchísimas gracias Meri!!

Buenos días Ana!! Gracias por el comentario. La cantidad de frases que hay son las que hemos podido llegar a buscar informarnos y hacer. Piensa que estás requieren mucho tiempo de investigación, porque encima son temáticas 😊

Con más tiempo, habríamos hecho más. Muchas gracias por el comentario positivo.

Thanks hupfen for your words.

You download it for PC, but our objective is a national console contest.

CoalFire, thanks a lot for this. Really appreciated!!
Btw, there is a shop on the middle room, you can upgrade your cards and buy new ones! (Try to upgrade the grenades ;)

Sorry to hear that. There isn't a way to do it. Try to boost your performance and close other apps such the browser. Hope it helps enough.

Right now this is just a demo we are showcasing. I hope you have fun still.

Yes, the controls are on the download descriptions

Sorry to see that! It is just a demo that we didn't optimice absolutely.

Thanks!! That is an actual problem, I will ask them. thanks for the advice ;)

Thanks! I've just changed it, it should work now.