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Red Bull ®

Unity ;D

está divertido xD

wow this game is amazing, congrats!

its a cool game but easy

Thanks for the feedback! lol

Google Chrome

1st and 2nd scenes:

I cant even run it

Its a good prototype also

Im stuck in this tree, idk how I reached there and music go off


Hi,  I really like the graphics, and the mechanics are good too, but i think there is too many enemies from the beginning, or their move-speed is too fast.

Great project, you could do something interesting with this!

There is no enemy and you cannot cast anything...

The game is really cool, i like the puzzles, graphics, style...

its a cool game but its too short

I dont remember, but the life of the boat its a very little life regarding the number of enemies


easy even in "hard"

this is impossible my friend

I think the fireworks should go only up

"Hi-Score" does not work

epilepsy lol

its a very good game, i really enjoyed it! i like the mechanics,  im waiting for the game

you're advertising all those brands for free...

teleport is confusing

infinite fall

the game is good, but the increasing speed its too hard, i cant beat the 3rd lvl


2 lag + 2 fast = 2 furious

Its a cool game, but it goes too fast, you could add different levels of speed!

music ruins the game

cool game!! 

i like the movement 

It doesnt work well...

Está bien el juego, me gusta el apartado artístico y los gráficos están bien. Las plataformas son bastante fáciles sólo es presionar la tecla de avanzar y no tienen mucha dificultad. De la historia no puedo opinar por que no he visto la película, por lo que no entendí nada. Una cosa que no me gusta es que haya un contaje de las conversaciones que hay.


this is shit (literally)

META  lol