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It doesnt work well...

Best game ever made!

Está bien el juego, me gusta el apartado artístico y los gráficos están bien. Las plataformas son bastante fáciles sólo es presionar la tecla de avanzar y no tienen mucha dificultad. De la historia no puedo opinar por que no he visto la película, por lo que no entendí nada. Una cosa que no me gusta es que haya un contaje de las conversaciones que hay.


this is shit (literally)

META  lol


I like the graphics and the idea, its a good game!

i think i found a bug, when you kill an enemy, if you receive damage while  you´re dashing youll cannot dash again no matter if you had 2 hearts

Awesome game and awesome mechanics! 

I enjoyed it!

Its a very good beginning, Id like to see the final game!

easy ^^

there´s a lot of enemy bullets...

It´s a short funny game, I like the art design and style

well i think its a good idea to use keyboard controls as well

Its an interesting game i like the mechanics,  art and design, but id prefer jump with the left buttom of the mouse

I felt anger the first time,

 but when you feel the lag, 

you deal with that

Well I cant choose a single tree, I like all designs lol 

but if i should choose one ill choose this kind of tree:

i like how the leaves goes down as if there was gravity

good job, my respects.

its a cool generator, i like those designs but Id like the number of main branches to change to see more variety of trees.