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Great job on the worldbuilding. Would love to see the next chapter in the story!

The "facing" feature was occasionally a bit frustrating, I expected my character to face the direction I was walking with my cursor keys.

Great worldbuilding, great story! Parts of it reminded me of Loom. Hope there'll be a second chapter! :)

Beautiful and incredibly immersive. Thank you so much for making this game. :)

Lovely game! Controls were a tiny bit frustrating at first (particularly for skipping through text), but it worked well once I got the hang of it. Chipped in a small amount - hope you keep making games :)

I played through the Linux version a few weeks ago but Garden Mode never appeared. I figured the Linux version might be behind, but I just downloaded the new version and I still don't see a "Garden Mode" option in the main menu. Is there a way to unlock it without playing through the whole story again?

The game is good but the soundtrack is epic!