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Hey rogertapes! Haha man, I loved your video! Thanks for playing!!

Hi Myllasfreitas! After talking to the old man, be sure to check both trash cans to see if you find anything interesting :). Thanks for playing!!

Great video LostZoss! Thank you so much for playing!

Hey OfficerWang! Great video, especially that this was your first multiple short scary game video - it was really well done! I loved your commentary. Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

Hey Sabrina, great video!! I love the playthrough videos like yours and your video intro is really cool!

Hey AuronSpectre! I loved your video! Thanks for playing and congrats on your growing channel - you have some real high-quality videos!

Haha, awesome video Raz! Thanks so much for playing!

Hi Sheens121, yes you can! Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoy!

Hey Ansoni, great video and thanks so much for playing!!

Hey Darkertc awesome video!! Thanks so much for playing and good luck with your channel!

Thanks and much love to you! Great video and thank you for playing!!

Ah, looks like you played the old version without sound (aside from the jump scares). I put an update out on the 11th with full audio and volume adjustment for the jump scares if you'd like to give it another shot! Sorry about the harsh noise. Thanks for playing!

Hey thanks for playing again!! Great video! I loved the voice acting haha.

“Sir you’re in a fucking two second slide!” made me lol. Nice video and thanks for playing! 

Hahaha, I loved this. Nice video and thanks for playing!

I’m glad my game didn’t crash as well, haha. I loved your video! I actually lol’ed at the sneeze (bless you). Thanks for playing and I’m glad you enjoyed it!


Haha, yeah it does work for it in a way - I just felt bad that people turned the volume up to see if there was sound and then got blasted by the jump scare audio. That was not my intention. Thanks for the response, and if you do check it out I hope you enjoy!

Hey R3DCOAT! It looks like you got the previous version of the game without audio (aside from the jump scares), so apologies for the loud noise! The new version posted Sunday. When did you download the game? Did you download it days ago and are just now posting the video?

I'm concerned that I'm still seeing play throughs with this version. Please check the most recent dev log, and again sorry for the harsh noise, and thank you for playing.

@prettynaughtyfx sorry, I didn't realize you were using the MacOS version. This is a known issue and you'll need to run the command here:

I will look at uploading the MacOS build through the itch app to hopefully resolve this issue. I will do that later today!

Hey AmberHolster Thanks so much for playing, I loved your video! It looks like you also got the version of the game without audio (aside from the jump scares), so apologies for the loud noise! There's a new version up if you wanted to try again!

Hey PlanetDrewpiter! I loved your video! It looks like you got the previous version of the game without audio (aside from the jump scares), so apologies for the loud noise! The new version posted yesterday if you were curious. Thanks again for playing!

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Hey prettynaughtyfx sorry to hear that. Are you using Windows 64 bit? Have you downloaded the latest version? I'm not aware of any issues with it. Can you tell me the exact error you're seeing?

Hey Urchar Gearr I loved your video! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it and I hope the noise wasn't too harsh! Thanks for playing!

Hey Ian I loved the video!! I've seen several of your videos, most recently germfood's Flesh Birds. I was hoping you'd find my game! Yes, you got the version with the fixed audio. Thanks for playing and I hope you feel better soon!

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@ProofreadFire I’m sorry for the experience! I posted an update yesterday with ambient audio / SFX that also fixes the volume of the jump scare if you feel like trying it again! Thanks for playing!!

Update is out now if you feel like giving it another shot: ambient sound, footstep sfx, lowered volume of jump scare.

Update is out now if you feel like giving it another shot: ambient sound, footstep sfx, lowered volume of jump scare.

I hope everyone is doing well! I have just posted an update with audio (ambient + walking SFX) and adjusted the jump scare volume. I hope this helps, and I apologize for not having this in place originally! Thank you all for playing, the Old Man and Timmy are sure grateful!

Hey GiantChickenCreature glad you enjoyed it and did not punch your monitor! Thanks for playing!

Hey Daniel! Great video! Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback. I apologize for the loud noise - I'm working on an update with some other audio so at least there's a reference. 

Hey Arioch thank you and thanks for playing!

Hey Hex! Yeah, that's completely understandable haha, and I apologize (I'm new to horror games). I'm going to try and get an update out with ambient sound that at least gives a reference volume. Thanks for playing!

Hey Hazzaween! Your video was soo good! I loved your reactions haha. I am sorry about the lack of audio - I will hopefully get an update out with some ambient sound! Thanks again for playing!

Hey MrDreaming haha, man I know - I'm sorry I've definitely seen a lot of videos now with that same look of "why...why would you do this". I hope there was a little bit of fun there for you. Thanks for playing!!

Haha, yeah, I apologize they are definitely cheap. This has been a great learning experience though and I'm excited to improve. Thank you and thanks for playing!!

Hey swift3dge great video! Thanks for the feedback as well at the end - 100% valid suggestions, especially the ambient sounds. Originally I thought the dead silence would make the scares the most jarring, which I think it did, but probably still not the best approach overall. Thanks again!

Hey Katana! I am sorry, I know it's a real love/hate thing with the way the jump scares are done, but thanks for playing and creating a great video!

Yes, the endings are easy! I hope you end up playing! Thanks for stopping by!

¡Sí, los finales son fáciles! ¡Espero que termines jugando! ¡Gracias por pasar!

Hey Yuezeko, I loved your video! I'm glad you got a chuckle out of it. Thanks for playing, and congrats on launching your channel. It looks like it's going to be great!