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I've noticed and even left a comment on your kickstarter page, I might take a look at discord too. I loved how funny it was to spam the spells and demolish the enemies with all the colourful explosions, but I'm sure that will be changed with a mana or cooldown system later on, right? 

'd love to be a tester and have lots of contact with you developers to help point out bugs and missing features. I seriously can't get over how it has so many features despite being in Pre-Alpha, I have really high hopes for when this is finished. How often do you guys update? When is the next major update?

I played the VR demo for about half an hour. It's friggen awesome, absolutely outstanding for a demo.  The random change in voice actors is a little strange, and the graphics could use some work (Obviously its in Pre-Alpha, it'll get better). This game is all I've ever wanted in a VR game; Spells/magic, combat system, an ENTIRE STORY (For long playtime), and (for now) it's free. I love this, can't wait to see it evolve and support it some day

Remarkable graphics, I love the detail, however I cannot use ANY button on my controller or keyboard to click the play button, or any other option in the menu. I'm using Index controllers if that helps. Any workaround for this?