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No these aren't for commercial use, thanks for checking.

There are 10 tracks in the full album, yeah, if you're looking to stream the rest of the tracks, then you can do so on its Bandcamp page!

Hello! I'm not the developers, you should maybe reach out to @ClockworkAcorn if ya wanna see it on here though!

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Hi Ayla, just followed you on Twitter! Looking forward to hearing more from you, feel free to DM me about the idea!

EDIT: To everyone else, it looks like I've found a team! Yea! I hope everyone has a rad game jam and am very much looking forward to seeing everyone's results!

Yeee, thank you! ~highfive Shall do the same, and the same with you ^.^

Hey! Thought this might be the best way to go about finding rad peoples to work with. I've been meaning to join in with more game jams, and thought this would be a great one to get on board with. So yeah, if you're a team looking for some music (or sound, even), or want to make up a team with me in some way, please feel free to let me know! Twitter's @LizRainsberry.
Feel free to check out my sounds here or here (I like to think that I'm pretty flexible with styles)!

Hi Claire!

I don't know whether you're still looking for a composer for the game, but I thought I'd throw you over an email just in case! I'm happy to chat more either through email or on Twitter @LizRainsberry ^.^