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Once you get the hang of it, finding complex colors becomes easy! This game is so simple and yet, I think it's my favorite from the jam. It will definitely have a lasting impact on me. Thank you for going the extra mile for making it work in wasm.

You found a bug! That's awesome. Thanks for sharing it :)

What's the OS and cpu?

I've experienced something similar. With Firefox, it works about a third of the time, and I'm not sure why, but I've never encountered any problems with Chrome, nor did the playtesters. What system did you use?

Sometimes I wish I had a visual aid as to which colors produce which color. Great game! I'd love to see more :). 

Really great concept! I love it. 

The sounds gave me a good laugh

That was really nice! It took me a lot longer than I  care to admit, but hats off! The visuals are impeccable.