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I think I see what level you're talking about...

Thanks for pointing out these issues and qualities!

thanks for the feedback!


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Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you for the feedback!!!

By far the best game I played in this jam! I love the gameplay, the audio, the ui.. even the minecraft texture feel natural! If I were to say the issues I found, it would be the absence od a "retry" button in each level after you win, for those who want a better score. 

Some minor bugs:

 -when I tap the death button right after the beginning, capibaras are exploding out of nowhere (at the center of the screen)

 -when I throw a capibara out of the screen (by lauching it up with a stone) it doesn't come back and nothing happens that let me think it's dead.

 -the level 13 button is not working

Thanks for the kind words! I'll play your game right now

Fun game! It has good visuals and sfx. and It is satisfying to blow everything up.

However, I was stuck on the first level (which is a bit frustrating). Maybe reducing the number of points needed, or change the way they're counted.

P-S: on the main menu and the intro, I can see the camera's background, which breaks the immersion

local multiplayer is indeed a good idea (It would be better than playing against a dumb AI).  I thought of it but I was afraid of running out of time...

I will play your game in a moment...

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I really am bad at juding difficulty and I didn't have playtesters so... I was expecting it. Thank you for confirming it!

Great game! I can see the hard work you put into the visuals, the ui, the audio and the game and level design!

But I think there are a couple minor problems:

 -the 90° rotation is very chaotic and each time I totally loose the sense of direction, which is nice, but I think it should be more obvious that a rotation happened (like, turning a bit smoothly or adding some visual effect so that the player knows something happened): I thought at start I was teleported!

 -there are a lot of times I don't know where I have to go 

 -the hidden ennemies are fun and surprising, but there is a moment when there is like 15-20 zombies at the same spot, I (and my computer too) cannot manage this.

Very good game indeed! Your visuals and music are awesome. There is a lot more good things to say but I am not good at this (sorry). I can however say what issues I found.

Here are them:

 -in the third level, if you walk on the moving platform, and it goes up, you will go into the wall.

 -I was aiming a button with a ball (level 3, on the platform that moves vertically), but I died without knowing what hit me. I just couldn't pay attention to the bottom and the top of the screen at the same time. After doing the same thing, I realised it was the hammer that hit the robot. I don't say it is an important issue, but it can lead to frustration. Maybe some death vfx or sfx would help?

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It would be cool if you could test my game! I had very few platesters (in fact, only one that played 2 minutes).

Here it is: Boomsplat by elimera (

It's a platforming/shooting game where the bullets bounce and act like physics objects. There is also a battle mode where you have to throw your opponent out of the fighting area.

It is definetly a bug

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the best game I played in this jam for the moment! waiting for the division, powers and roots (we'll come to complex numbers!)

I think my computer is too slow to run your game at more than 5FPS

damn, it's difficult

good game, visually perfect.

but one problem: it feels static. I think that is due to the lack of music, challenge (the enemies don't attack) and speed (just increase the game speed and it should be fine) but for a 48-hour jam you went pretty far!

the credits are slow. I can go through the wall on the left. I don't really understand how to go through the vent.

there is no game

fun and polished game.  Some issues: There is nothing telling me I won or I lose. I can pick up trash by the front of the car and I think Unity doesn't like that

It's fun and well polished. The sound effect for when an enemy dies is weird. It is a bit uncontrollable (this is not criticism, in fact, it is part of the fun)

the great thing with a game about glitches is that if you find a bug you can call that a feature! Hopefully, it isn't the case here. Quite the opposite in fact. I shooted the dog very longly, but had no feedback but the dog seeming to have pain. I almost rage-quit because I didn't know if what I was doing was the correct thing to do. And then suddently came the second phase of the boss.

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Je parle français donc ça va mais je pense que  pour ceux qui ne le parlent pas il serait mieux de traduire le texte en anglais.

En tous cas, ce jeu est très bon. Vous avez réussi à bien le finir en aussi peu de temps! Les musiques et visuels sont de qualité.

Cependant, je me dois de faire quelques critiques:

 -au début, il est difficile de différencier les gouttes "méchantes" des gouttes 'gentilles", surtout pour les daltoniens

-les fusées sont difficiles à éviter, car elles apparaissent peu de temps avant leur impact

-la planète Terre est (pour être franc) chiante à contrôler car quand on appuie sur 'droite", il faut attendre une seconde pour qu'elle aille à droite.. pareil pour l'arrêt Le problème, c'est qu'on a des projectiles qui nous foncent dessus et qui sont donc très difficiles à éviter. ça m'a obligé à aller en bas de l'écran, pour pouvoir avoir le plus de temps pour éviter les météorites.

It looks good, but I can't play VR :'(

good game I found it a bit long though. You should concentrate more on quality than quantity, because if levels are too longs, players will get bored.

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good game!

haha it was funny, and well writed, and beautiful, etc. It's more a visual novel than a video game.

fun game! the "play" button is kind of blurred.

great game! the time-acceleration mechanic when you go down reminds me Superhot. and you managed to put a story on it! I think, however,  that some kind of scoring system would encourage the player to play more, and in the way that you intended (by rewarding good behaviours, and punishing bad behaviours).

thank you! I think the difficulty curve is indeed a bit spiky, and the mechanics on the last parts (press space longer to hang on things, like bats, or use momentum built by grappling to bouce on walls) are introduced in environments that aren't safe enough.

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This was a good experience. The art is good, and you enhanced it with particles, light and post-processing. It has no gameplay but it's okay. The UI is not perfect though, especially the text. If you're using Unity, you should use TextMeshPro to have crisp text even zoomed in.

I love how he says "Oh I'm in Hell. I will be late to work"

Your game is cool.

-you managed to have a pause and start menu!

-the art is good

-I would like the slime to stop when I don't press any button

To be more precise, I wanted to say that it's not very reponsive, but I understand your point of view.

great game! I like the simple aesthetic of the art and the music. The character feel fun to play and alive! (if you want to improve it even more, you should do some animations, like stretching/rotating it as it moves). The last part of the level was truly well designed! I was instantly knowing where to go (compared to it, the rest had a lot of parts where you fall down without knowing where you go)

However, at certain moments I didn't know where the ceiling was, and played without fear of it, and at other moments, it came at me and I was surprised. I think the camera should descend (get it? because it's the theme of the jam) continuously, and the top the screen is the ceiling, because players don't always progress at same speed, and that's a way of adapting the difficulty.

It's good. I like the music, the image of tower and that you used retro game screens as textures (it should be more clear why). I think you should have more worked on quality than quantity, because it's very long - and frustating when you fail, because you have to restart the level. And, moving the camera isn't very useful.