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(L) thanks!!!

hahah thanks and yes.. i really like coffe xD

Wow love pancakes and the model with outline really pop! (now i have "Bacon pancakes" song in my mind) xD

Thanks so much! 

To many prooops xD when i was doing the gif, picocad crashed a bit.

o.o to early for me hahah nice models!

Wow it's like the painting! so cool!

Omg I thought it was a cappuccino, but is it a "Swiss chocolate"? I keep everything, it looks super good. Now... I want chocolate.

I say it but, it's super cool!

Oh thanks!! I reelly like your witcher model!! so cool with the wine drop *.*

Thanks! and yes ;P

really love it, it's so cute.

Now I understand the pinball connection. xD

omg! at first i was confused by the gif and then...amazing!

Lol with beer and cigar! xD so cool

Wow!love the texture and of course the model!

Thanks! :D

Thanks!! :D

wow! its like the avengers tower but the lego version! love it

Thanks!! :D

Wow! so cool!!

Omg! I wasn't remember the name of that film! haha maybe for the new Picojam! mmm... who knows

Bring me my dice and pizza! I want to win this adventure! hahah So cool!

omg!! So much enemies!

yeah! haha thanks!

Thanks Ben ^^


^^ Thanks! It was a bit mess but perfect for the jam hehe. Maybe some day I can improve Race Puip

Soda Gamer! yeah! (I need one today) xD 

As I said love it!!

wooow so cool!

^^ Thanks Tom!! I really like your Pikachu and the animation x.x loooove it!

hahahah love it!! playing sonic too!


Pico drums yeaaah!

thanks but i really like yours!

love it! and the pizza model too!


woo cool!