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Lucho Hubanov

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Ha, I love it! Got really drawn to ship building and strategising around how to place what where :)

Thank you for not making a platformer :D Great art style, fun idea. Was just a bit confused to when one gets more dice, but didn't affect my experience :)

Took me a while to figure it out, but ended up being fun in the end :)

Good effort! I like the idea of this kind of turn-based game, where you have to plan around avoiding the enemies. That being said the first level didn't really give me many chances to think and puzzle out a solution, was more just super long and requried me to just roll forwards continuously. 

Bonus points for having levels in-between teaching concepts!

Great art and music! Also original idea, and kudos for making a rhythm game - I'd imagine it's pretty hard within the constraints of the game jam :)

Otherwise, I also couldn't pass the second level - either I didn't understand how to use my dice-rolling/environment powers, or was not good enough, as I died a bajillion times.

Update: We found a crash towards the end of the game, which was fixed in the v2 version. As noted in MiniJam's rules, we're leaving the v1 version up as well.

Hey, many thanks, was great to meet you too, dude! Potentially next game jam, there's one around Guildford Games Festival, I believe :) 

And similarly, Paddle or Die - super dope !