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Bugs like text overlapping at each other, control buttons for movement, rotation, etc. doesn't make any sense and are hard to use (standard being W, A, S, D)

Graphics seems amazing, but controls and bugs really doesn't let me start adventure in this awesome world :(

Really interesting concept of the game. Graphics are just gorgeous. Really good work!

Thanks :)

Never knew about F4 to disable/enable full screen. Nice to know :)

Thanks for feedback :) 2 lives were supposed to represent second chances

Thanks for feedback :)

Thanks for response. On any level background doesn't affect gameplay, but on 4th level there's a barrier pretty close. Thanks for playing :)

I'm really heappy to hear that you've enjoyed our game! Level 3 is in fact possible, just be smart and creative :) And about controls, yeah they were made, so that solusion wasn't obvious, but still not extremely hard xD

Love to hear you enjoyed the game :) Kwinklink was responsible for graphics so all credits to him ;)

Updated the game to v1.01 and improved overall gameplay experience. You can see changes on here:

I didn't want to make bomb time explode too fast, because I wanted to give players some time to understand the solution, but anyways pretty good feedback. I'm really happy that you enjoyed our game :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :) Love to hear someone enjoy my game :D

Thanks for feedback :)

Struggled on level 2, but idea is pretty good!

Pretty good game. 8/1