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I wanted to try your game, but I got an error when I launched it:

>Application folder:
>There should be 'blowing_Data' folder next to the executable

It seems that some files are missing. Perhaps you could make a ZIP archive of your UNITY output directory.

Thank you very much for the kind words and your investment in testing my game :)

This jam, as well as the previous one in which I participated, allowed me to identify some problems in the way I approach them. I hope to be able to correct them in a future jam.

As for this game, I am so frustrated that I could not go further in development, that I think I will come back to it soon to get to the end of my idea at least.

I'm glad you like the pixel art and music. I literally spent half the competition looking for assets ^^'

Too bad it was at the expense of the game itself :(

Thank you for this kind comment. It's really appreciated. I clearly misused my time during this jam (in particular to search for assets which I ultimately did not need). But the positive is that I learned a lot about Game Maker.

You just have to chmod +x TheVisibleCity_Linux.x86 and launch it ;)