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I forget where I saw the message but when I first downloaded the game I swear I could remember there being a message I saw at some point that said "This is an early build, were transitioning art right now, and character customization isn't done" Or something along those line

I have a question regarding the customizability of the MC. Is that something that's currently "in the works" and if possible, can you talk a little about it? Unless I'm missing some sort of blog or site that I'm unaware of.

The new title screen art is a mood

The pacing of the conversations often times feels really off. Theirs a boatload of gramatical and spelling errors and weirdly worded sentences, but the point still comes across. In my honest opinion it's like a murky gem, but it'd shine if you polished it enough. I was able to genuinely enjoy it so far, just hope development goes well for you guys.

Honestly the game feels really shaky in terms of quality. The art is great, but the UI design and overall mechanics feel like low quality. Its really easy to make the game bug out, and the UI system is a maze all on its own sometimes. The conversation system, atleast thats what I assume it is seems super out of place in how its used. I was in the middle of being "killed" and I pressed a flashing beer mug next to my screen ands suddenly we were all drinking and talking, like. IDK this game just feels so unfinished.

In order to be on steam, it has to meet some requirements that would put restrictions on what this game can show and do. It would likely end up being another NekoJishi situation where the game IS on steam but the steam version is heavily revised and all NSFW content is completely removed, the story re-written slightly so as to keep it "appropriate" 

I would die for Carlos @u@

Just got to the scene depicted in the 4th image of the games page with Ramos, and in my honest opinion, I was totally fine imagining what the MC looked like on my own. Totally took me off guard, and honestly made me kind of uncomfortable. Nothing to do about it I guess, oof. 

RIP its cause of my preferences

Yikes. Guess who just spent an entire day binging the entire story up to the current chapter. Dear god, that was a trip.

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So, based on the comments. The writer just straight up... "vanished" and now the game is on standstill? F

Now I can crawl into a coffin and die OwO

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This post is made under the assumption that the art used in the first week of the game is being replaced with the art used in the second week of the game. "Week referring to the in-game calendar. If that's not the case than OOF"

I finally made an account on this website JUST so i could comment on the artwork. Starting the second week in Version 1.86, Dozer's character art changes to what I assume is the updated art. I don't know if my opinion would change anything but I still would at least like to voice it here. 

The change from a slight angle to a straight ahead look takes away a lot of the definition in the character. Almost as if it takes away from their personality. I think it was much more comfortable watching the characters face each other when speaking rather than straight forward. especially considering the character customization element. (The game menu suggests more is to be added to this feature and It'd be a shame to see it leave and be replaced with the screen only showing those you speak to.) 

A large part of the characters is their cartoonist style, you almost can't tell at all that the characters have protruding snouts or mouths from these straight on angles. They really come off a bit more flat

Not to mention Dozer's updated art takes away the silent stoic smile, and replaces it with a somber, sadder look, and goes from neutral/content looking eyes to again, a somber, sadder look overall.

The same can be said for Marie, or Maria, forgive me I can't remember her name correctly. The Feline woman who acts as mother of the "homeless shelter". Her first week art work had a lot of feel to it, she was slouched, clearly in a relaxed, but focused state. I think so far she holds the best example of silhouette for character design that I've seen SO FAR, especially considering most of the cast have nearly identical builds.

(Brief, and most likely shaky explanation) Often times you can identify a character by their silhouette alone, more often times with recognizable characters. Great examples include literally any big shot name brand game character like Peach, Mario, Donkey Kong, and so on. I refer to these purely as example to explain my train of thought, I'm more than certain anyone reading this gets the idea.

 These recognizable outlines feel a bit lost when the characters face straight forwards. Marie/Maria Looses the slouch and semi confident posture and smile for a more curvaceous and plain look. Quite literally just standing there. It feels like she has less character, opting more for a diagram feel. I don't know all too much about character design after silhouettes though so I'll stop there.  

 If that's the direction the game is going then hey, I can handle it. But I thought I'd just share that. 

Regardless of those complaints I have, I can see how much effort was put into these illustrations and I recognize and appreciate the work the artists have put in. For me though, my personal preference is the art used for the first week. In an effort to avoid repetition, Ill just briefly state that I'm genuinely enjoying the pacing of this game. It's not all gun ho, speeding into a sexual adventure, rather it takes the time to build character. I can already tell this would leave a lasting impression.

(And if the second week is actually the old artwork, and the first is the new, then I apologize for the incredible misunderstanding on my part. Take this more so as a compliment on the change rather than a complaint in that case. and a massive F on my part)