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Cool concept, I like where it's going.

Right now it would be nice if there was some sort of checkpoint system so that if I die while exploring the demo I don't have to start over scavenging the parts, that's discouraging me from trying again.

Art style and animation are good, I wish the controls were different or could be remapped (it's hard to work with X, F and G as the main interaction buttons).

Game crashed on a black screen for me after entering the castle. Mostly enjoyed this (although I did have to use both mouse control and easy mode to have any chance at all) but the luck events felt like they came up too often. As they interrupt play, they got quite irritating, especially late in a level when you're trying to hit one last block and you don't want to have to keep stopping for an event that isn't really going to change anything.

Fantastic experience! I didn't expect it could get as genuinely creepy as it did and unnerve me. It touches on a lot of my own mental health issues which made it all the more effective.