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Glad you like it! I will play your game when I can but from the screenshots it looks very interesting!

Glad you like it!

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Oh then I think I had some kind of bug because the zombies would just play the walk animation in place and not move at all, I was only attacked once because I was curious to see what happened and had to walk straight onto one of them for that.

I like the idea of the humas being the real evil, pretty cool!

Awesome stuff! You're getting better at it for sure! I can see a lot of improvements compared to your first game. I think you would benefit greatly by giving a bit more attention to level design, keep it up!

This is great, I love the setting and I hope you can expand on it on a future game!
I wish the zombies had some kind of AI too, but awesome project overall!

That's awesome to know! Can't wait to see it :D

I'm glad it's useful, thank you for downloading!

Appreciate that :D
Excited to see what you will do next!

Another banger of yours, awesome stuff!

Wow thank you! All the best!

Awesome stuff, the ending was very clever xD

Cool stuff!


Are you sure it doesn't work? It shouldn't be different to set it up

I say should because I only tested on Unreal 4, I can't say for sure xD

Hey there!
It should import fine, just drag the fbx to the project files like normal and if you want the pixelated look double click the png and change the texture filter to nearest:

If you need any assistance besides that let me know

Glad you like it!

Glad you like it!

I'm glad it's useful! The repeating texture looks great!

If you need more variety check my Retro Nature Pack too

Oh wow, I respect your patience haha
Do you have discord?

Glad you like it! You can either do that or move the parts that overlap slightly to any direction, I believe a very small amount like 0.001 would work already.

In that case import it to blender, delete the existing armature, export back to fbx and upload it to Mixamo, it should work.

Hey there! I believe since it has a different rig you can't import animations to it directly, but if you import the model to mixamo it will work

That's always great to see!

Wow I love how that looks, awesome job!

Glad it's useful! Your game looks cool!


Hey, I'm glad it's useful!
Follow the importing tutorial and it should look good

Thank you!

Glad you like it!

Yes go for it! Don't forget to show me your game!

Thank you!

Hey there, check the "License" section!

Yes! Go for it!

Hell yeah, this is looking great!

It's not that  complex you can start with tutorials on Youtube and if you wanna go deeper try reading Godot documentation, it's great :)

Thank you!

Yes you can use it on commercial projects for sure!
The license is CC0(
Pixabay is the website where I got the tree images to make the textures, they allow commercial use too.

You're welcome! haha
I have other GPU already, just need an adapter for my monitor to make it work ;D

Oh that makes sense it was basically turning a color into transparency then, no problem at all, I'm glad you managed to make it work, feel free to hit me up if you need any kind of assistance!

And I can't run Unreal Engine because I currently have no GPU on my desktop since mine broke down a cloupe of months ago, because of that my computer struggles to run Unity and Unreal doesn't even open anymore.