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Very proud to work with such great people, it was an awesome experience for sure! :D

Isso ae man, eu sou muito fã desse estilo kk
Da uma olhada no meu perfil, tem uns pack bem legal se tiver precisando :D

Sim :)

Oh great! :D

Hey if you're still looking for help let me know, I do retro game assets and I like the vibe from your games, check my profile for examples of my work! :D

I use Blender :)

Hey there I'm looking to team up with game developers who know how to use LAY3RZ's API,  I can do low poly 3D art and I know a bunch about creating game ready assets, you can look up some of my work on my profile. :)

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Yeah, even though it's quite low poly already, I tend to put a lot of attention on making it as optimized as possible

Thank you! Hope you make some awesome stuff!

Thank you! You need to be 10 seconds far away or out of his sight, I should've make that more clear.

Oh great! Having fun is the best part!

Oh thank you! You're supposed to stay out of his sight for 10 seconds, but it's not that easy

Oh I totally understand, this kind of physics related stuff can very confusing, no problem at all!

It's a very interesting doom based game, you got the vibe pretty well!

Good job! Very fluid movement and particle effects and sfx adds a lot to the attack.

Very cool looking art! Point and click games are fun

I think you did a really cool project, kind of gives me that whacky vibe that old flash games used to have

Thank you!

I like the art and the idea of earning reputation to be accepted, I wish the game was longer but good work!

Very cool looking and sounding game, also the gameplay is simple but fun

I like the graphics and the scream is kind of funny, I wish there was more to it though

A simple but fun game, the teeth growing back is a nice touch. I think if was harder for you to outrun the shark it would make the game 10x scarier, but good work!

Cool game! Great vibe and fun gameplay, the music is kind of out of place but no big deal

Very cool, the cutscenes graphics with dithering look amazing, the movement underwater is kind of challenging. You keep going through platforms though not sure if it's intentional

I couldn't get a good fps (I have no GPU for now) so no high score to share xD
But it's  a fun game, you did a great job!

Pretty cool game! I like the simple arcade fixed screen gameplay, reminds me of something like bubble bobble or snow bros. The music fits the vibe you're going for pretty well and the graphics look very good.
Maybe the animations and enemy ai could be better, but for a 3 days project I think you did great!

Thank you for downloading and really glad you liked it! And thank you for noticing that too, it's been there for a while now, I will change asap xD
Btw my twitter is:

You're welcome! I'm glad you like my stuff! :D

Sorry for the late reply, no idea how I missed this, but thank you so much for the credits, your game looks very cool! Stay tuned for more asset packs!

Hello! You just need to check the option "Use Alpha Scissors" on the "Parameters" section of the material, for more detailed information check out my video:

The retro feel is what we aim for, glad you noticed that. Thank you so much for playing!

Yeah I love those kind of games too, thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Oh nice, thank you so much!

Thank you! :D

Thank you so much!

Glad you had fun! And yeah music would be a good addition, thank you!

Glad you liked it, thank you!