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Thank you! Yay got a 5/5 :)

Hey, another character pack is in the pipeline actually! And a wizard type is definitely amongst them :)

Hmm, the floating creature (fire skull and wraith) would work no problem, but the walking ones would need their stances slightly altered to appear to stand properly on a platform. I drew these with a isometric perspective in mind, so you'll notice in any Left and Right facing humanoid sprite that the leg furthest from view appears slightly higher to suggest that kind of perspective. I think just dropping that leg down to match the closer leg, and then erasing any ground shadows, would be all it takes for the humanoid sprites to work properly for a Platformer game.

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Oh boy! I started working on this dragon back in the beginning of spring, but inbetween my regular work and my other pixel projects, I think I spent up to two full work weeks of hour on it :)

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Hi! So not counting the player/npc layer, I used 7 layers to create the Town in the images above.  Below I explain how I used each layer and how to perhaps reduce this layer count:

7) Overlap Layer - Roofs, Tree Tops, Boulder Tops, Town Wall Top(just the upwards facing end piece of the Town Wall) (This layer allows the player/NPC's to appear to move behind the buildings, trees and town wall end-piece. It also allows things like fences to reach be behind the buildings, as well as the Town Wall end-peice to over lap building walls and cliffs. If you don't need this, then you can place these on the Big Solids Layer and skip this layer.

<--- (Player, NPC layer would go here)

6) Details - Rocks, Boulder Bottoms, Fallen Log, Berry Bush, Crates, Barrels, Fences,  Fences, Water Lillies, Floating Ice, Signs, Wheel Barrow, Stair Entrances, Wells, Chest.

5) Big Solids - All Building Walls, Town Wall, Stone Deck, Stone Stairs, Tree Bottoms.

4) Cliff Walls (Cliffs can also live on the buildings layer if you are okay with some placement limitations)

3) Shadows (Alternatively, you can create ground tiles with the shadows baked into them. But to create the porches you see in the images above you would have to add the shadows to the wooden deck tiles as well. This will increase your total tile count by quite a bit, but allow you to remove this layer and still have porches with shadows).

2) Floor/Ground  - Ground, Grasses, Flowers, Snow, Melted Snow Patches, Wooden Deck, Wooden Stairs, Paths, River Banks.

1) Water - All Water Tiles

I hope I got all that right, but if something doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll try to figure it out! :)

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All the states use 96x96, I'll put more info about it above in an Additional Info Section

Thank you so much! :)

I  suppose my thinking on this is to release smaller packs for free, and then expand those packs into Supporter Versions that include additional content and variations. Kind of like what I did with the Citizens packs. It gives some people a chance to test out the assets and then choose whether or not they wish to support me by buying the expanded version pack :)

The Creatures will get an exanded Supporter Pack version too, with differently armed/geared Orcs, Goblins, and Skellies. (ie, Skelly Archers, Goblin Slingers, Heavy Armored Orcs, etc...)

Thank you! Strangely enough, the 16 colours within the pico-8 palette often lends itself to a more bright and vibrant style. Somehow I got around that :)

Hi, yes pixel-time has been in short supply lately, but I haven't stopped. Just released a free pack of creatures for this series! And Interiors is being worked on, it's on the same scale as the exteriors set :)

Hi, glad you like the tile sets! And yes, I have another 4  tilesets planned to expand this series and they include the biomes you mentioned plus a Dark Forest biome :)

It will take some time to get them out, as there are a few other things in the pipeline ahead of those, but its definitely on the horizon!

Hmm, good point, this tileset could use an animated water tile. I'll add it soon!

:) let me know if you think it the individual files could be organized differentl/better.

Added a separate downloadable file containing a folder for each Cave Type with the individual tiles! :)

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I've had that requested a few times, so I will add individual png files of each tile to the download in about a days time :)

Wowza, thats a lot of vermin! :) And all animated! Amazing!

hey, definitely! I'm working on a monster pack at the moment but I'm itching to get back to doing more tileset for this series, and interiors are top of the list! :)

Yup! It will be coming to itch soon! Released the first four critters on Patreon for now (wolf, bear, beatle, snake). Adding a few more (rat, bat, spider), and then bring all over to itch! Sorry for the delay! :)

I like that your taking the time to build your takes on the classics! I bet you picked up a ton of skills/knowledge doing so!

Thank you, more on the way!

Thank you, reading words like that really keep me motivated! :)

Thank you so much! And Yup! So far the development plan for the animated sprites in this Retro RPG Series includes (in order): Animal/Critter Pack, a free Heavy/Dark Knight Update to this Citizens Pack, Monster Pack(which will also include several free updates), followed by several Bosses, one of which will be a Dragon. My Patrons help decide the content! :)

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Thank you! Yeah, it really took a while to figure out a good workflow file in Aseprite (such a great app). Hopefully now that that's set up, the next bactch will be quicker!

I can already tell your Undead Asset Pack is gonna looks amazing with 4 Directions!

Yay, always appreciated your positive comments! Welcome aboard :)

Thanks! More to come soon! :)

Thank you! The Pico8 palette I use for the top-down tileset is proving to be really challenging to create an entire rpg set with :p

Nice and crisp sprites! That palette seems familiar? or is it original? Really easy on the eyes :)

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Love the look of the graphics! Is that a median blur shader over-top to make it look like that?

Love the look of this whole series! Makes me want get back into coding more games!

The next set in the The Retro RPG Series is out!

I made "Old Town Exteriors" as modeular and flexible as I could to help in the creation of a wide variety of shaped buildings. The set comes with Three Skins for the buildings (Stone, Wood, and Stucco) and an additional "Extras Tileset" for even more added variety!

ABOUT: The Retro RPG Series is a series of Top Down Tilesets that is meant give you that old retro feel but with the added bonus of modern computer memory allowing for far more tile variety than would have been possible in the past. The series uses the PICO-8 Palette

On it! ;)

Thank you! Yes, currently working on Characters, and Critters Actually :) Hope to have those out soon!

Your animations are fantastic! Just... wow!

Thank you, yes definitely more on the way soon! Are you specifically looking for tile sets like this because of the retro limited palette, or is it something else about it? Just curious :)

Thank you! Yeah, I like the Pico-8 palette colours a lot!

Thank you, hope to see your project one day!! :)

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Hey sweet demo! A lot of potential! I like the artstyle, and the hack and slach mechanic work nicely! I ran into one bug  that got me stuck; for some reason climbing ladder up doesn't work? or am i missing something? Climbing down works fine though.

Looking forward to see this project grow!! :)

PS: I was using the Win64 version.

I love the simple mechanic of this game, plus the music and ambience is perfect! I second the point that VOiD1 Gaming made below, lots of potential to become a really succesfull casual game! I wish I had such good ideas :) Well done!

Hey good job on the graphics, are you still updateing this games? Looking forward to seeing more from you!