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It runs native on a quest headset and through pcvr.

Apologies but I don't quite understand, may you explain more?

Thank you! I never actually considered Superhot here but I think I know what you mean.

Brilliant level of detail here!

Frantic fun! Quick recommendation: Something on the UI to tell the player which pipes are active would be nice.


I can never hold back on worldbuilding y'know?

This is so beautiful I'm adding it to the list of games I'm keeping to play every now and again

Well that's something to look forward to!

Not sure about the fire button,
When can you not assign cards?

I love how powerful the "SSHHH" feels

I'm awful at this but it's great fun either way! Only recommendation I have would be to add something to make the bullets stand out more and make the player's gun feel more impactful.

Will be keeping this on my PC to play every now and again!

Very cool, didn't get too far but I'll definitely be keeping this on my PC.
Great job for only a week!

Could I get a list of the bugs you encountered? To be honest I don't plan on continuing work on this but I'd still like to know in-case I remember anything from my janky code.

Thanks for the feedback, I actually put the speed down around three times during development but I suppose it still ended up too fast.
Getting the feel of the gun took some time so I'm glad it payed off.

Thank you! I had a lot of fun with trying to make it feel strange and the music (although rushed) was fun to make too. It was hard to hold back on worldbuilding details but I managed to get a few in there.

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Brilliant! Really fun and polished, I just wish there were more stages and it was a rhythm game.
Some enemy variety such would be nice, however I can understand this due to the time limit,
couple recommendations though:

- Moving enemies

- Enemies that change colour when shot