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{This review contains SPOILERS}

I really like the dynamic between Noah and Mikage, seeing how they were in the past / as students and how their relationship had developed over the years. - Seeing how both struggle to understand what they feel for each other and how they overcome what's making them struggle to pursue those feelings.
For Noah it's his strange (I'd say abusive) relationship towards his father, trying to please him by going into a loveless marriage by sacrificing his own wishes.
And for Mikage wanting to see Noah happy with the decisions he makes himself.
I really appreciate how ebi conveys these feelings to the reader and how she shows the revelation these two characters have.

Saitoki's very cute art style really fits to the setting, the story and the characters; how each character sprite and CG is drawn really adds to the story told by ebi!

Ebi did a beautiful job implementing the art assets, writing, music and effects into this Visual Novel - adding much more depth tho this kinetic vn!

Thank you for making this beautiful short Visual Novel and introducing Noah and Mikage and their story to us!

I just finished playing through the game and it was such an enjoyable experience!

The whole atmosphere you created through the visuals, the soundtrack and the writing is so immersing! I really, really love your writing style and the way you told this story in this VN in particular! 

Thank you so much, ebi!


Especially the twist at the end of the game was out of this world! - I couldn't restrain myself from gasping and screaming at the monitor!

Yes, a proper credit is necessary 😊

Thank you so much! 💛