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Update [2]

Hey everybody, sorry this one's coming a late buuuuuuut:

Here's a mockup of what the game will look like!

I had trouble with the colouring initially, since the game is set at night everything's gonna be dark but the plataforms should standout from the background and the player also has to standout from the background(and foreground), I went with some purple/blue ish tone to objects so a night sky wouldnt drown it out.

Another thing I had trouble art wise were the proportions of objects I didn't plan ahead correctly enough and the railing ended up being too short, I managed to touch it up  in aseprite for the screenshot but in the actual engine im not sure how I'll tackle it since i'm using a fixed 32x32 grid and expanding the railing would mean messing with that. I'll probably make the windows slimmer.

I'm planning on adding things like chimneys and maybe those vine things that you see on houses and if i have time I could maybe add climbing those things. But that's a thought for later because i gotta finish these sprites and makem look presentable.

To be Continued ->

Thanks ^_^

Update [1]

Gifs for everybody!

I tried to post them normally but everytime I tried,  either by pasting the link directly or uploading the image trough the buttons on top of the text box It froze the tab i for 20 minutes and then went to a black page with a little icon on the middle :/


Here's the running animation for the main character

and... Here's the idle animation! (I mean to show in the previous post)

I'm steadily improving my workflow with aseprite and with animation in general, this was the first time i did a full walk/cycle successfully (I think it looks pretty neat)!

This is all the stuff I've made for today, being a first timer in animation of this type it took most of the day for me. BUT tomorrow I'm going to do some actual level tiles and i'll get to show you a more composed screenshot of what the final thing might look like. And after that maybe start on actually buidling the game :D

So yeah uhm...

To be continued ->

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Once upon a time in your city of choice a small child was having terrible nightmares every night. Her parents were very worried and took her to a plushie shop to buy her a teddy bear hoping that it might calm her night terrors, but she wasn't having it she wanted a bunny to protect her during the night.

The parents didn't really know why she loved that white fluffy bunny so much...

"He goes out at night when I'm having bad dreams and he catches good things that fly over the houses!"

The parents nodded, whatever made her sleep easy was good enough, the kid told that story over and over. Her folks didn't believe it of course.

But what do they know?

You're that little girl's dream!

You're her fluffy dream catching guardian!

You're gonna head out there into the city and make her sleep well!

You're gonna catch those shiny good dreams over the city, and make her rest well!

And you are Not A Teddy Bear!

And I'm not good at these devlog things so here goes,

Not A Teddy Bear is (gonna be?) a platformer where you hop around from rooftop to rooftop as a little girl's dream of what she says her white bunny does during the night, the objective is to collect a certain amount of goonites (gee where did i get that name) and bring them back to her window before the time is up and the night is over!

"But Eldirish!" - you might say -"how can plushi have the abilities of batman?"

Well, you're not actually playing as the plushie, just what the lassie's one good dream :)

Technical thingymagigs:

Genre: Sidescrolling-Platformer [2D]

Engine: Godot Engine (not 100% sure but I've been meaning to learn so might aswell)

Skill of Developer:  yes


Since this thing is going up on the 3rd day of the Jam I'll just go ahead and post what I've done so far!

(Actually everytime i tried to post a gif or a png of what i wanted to show it crashed the webpage so rip to that idea)

So far I've done an idle animation for the main character. I'm not finishing it in time am i

So yeah, uhm...

To be continued.