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We don't know if such guide exists unfortunately. Hope you can still find your way forward :)

Hello! The NES version should be almost identical to the original version so if you check a walkthrough you should be able to find your way forward :)

Thank you! We'll aim to do that :)

If you scroll down a bit, there's a person with a China clone N8 that got it to work. We can't vouch for the link though.

Wow, thank you!

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Hello! The digital NES manual will most likely be added in a future update. Right now it's exclusive to the USB release.

Yes, it'll go on sale hopefully later in October. :)

According to our Discord it should work on both Everdrive N8 and Everdrive N8 Pro, make sure it's updated.

There's a demo to download if you want to try :)

According to our Discord Everdrive N8 and Everdrive N8 Pro should work.

Later today :)

In a few hours :)

Today at 1 pm CEST :)

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We don't offer support for emulators unfortunately, please reach out to the makers of the emulator. There's also an emulator channel on our Discord, where you can get help. According to discussion there the game should work in FCEUX 2.6.4.


We'll release the game July 1st this year :)

Well, the demo only had one dungeon and the town but the final version will have lots of dungeons and towns :)

Hello! The release date is July 1st and the price will be $9.99. Thanks!

No plans right now , but we're definitely open for it if we can find a publisher :)

Q3 is our plan! :)

Hello! Yes, the ROM will be available to purchase later this year :)

We're not sure we understand. The itchio copy is DRM free yes but there's no Steam key inluded on itchio. Only if you get the game on Steam.

Thank you!

Three new areas and two new tracks :) About 1-2 hour(s) of content.

The NES version is completely remade from scratch and contains new NES exclusive content, so it'll be sold as a separate game once the physical release has happened, which hopefully will be soon. 

It doesn't exist a SNES version of Alwa's Legacy. 

Hello, at this point you have multiple choices and your main task is to reach the boss icons on the map.

A little hint for one path of progression is to follow Central Alwa all the way to the right and instead of climbing up the tower, you go down.

Hope this helps :)

Hello, sorry to hear that your controller doesn't work.

It's hard for us to test or reproduce this, other users that have ran into similar issues on Linux have either used another controller (like an Xbox controller) or used some third party software that lets you emulate Xbox controller inputs with their Logitech controller.

I'm sorry that I can't provide any more straight forward solution to your issue.

Oh wow! Thank you so much!