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El de Nova

A member registered Aug 04, 2019

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Great game for a couple days work! Some other improvements might be:

  • Minimap (ALA The Legend of Zelda, The Binding of Isaac, Metroid)
  • Damage balancing - I think some mobs could have separate attacks, movement speeds etc
  • A mouse button for dropping the torch (maybe right click)
  • Difficulty modes - hardcore (as the first release is), and easy - saves progress (current room, items collected)
  • Stats - Number of Deaths (inc torch), Kills (each mob type), rooms entered, time played, fastest time to kill Grim etc

Overall really cool little dungeon theme I like the vibe it gives off

You just need to think differently for those levels ;)

I got stuck in the race on the wall, tried to run over a spike and she said Noooo then i teleported onto the wall above, couldnt get off

Otherwise cool game!

Would have been neat to know there's no items yet... lol I like the retro style though