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Yes, we will update soon a small update with bug fixes and a few more levels and tutorial.
And then eventually we will iterate on the idea and create an improved version and upload a major release.

Thank you so much! 

After submission I realized that I uploaded the files in .RAR so here are the same files in .ZIP if anyone have some problems unzipping the .RAR files... the game installs correctly with the desktop App


Houdini Files

Another Work in progress, Gotta go back now to keep improving the game.


Thanks....It's been really hard for me to learn Houdini, I'm in no way near as skilled as many people out there I've seen,, I still have a lot to learn.
I found the courses on very useful, they're a little bit expensive but totally worth it.

Here's a small WIP of what I've been working on.

This is mostly Technical Art stuff.

I create a Houdini project with all it's folders right inside my Assets folder in my Unity project.

Projectception works fine, and then I just use any .HDA directly from my hda folder and if I need to test something I just put it on the geo or text folders.

So I have both Unity and Houdini open and save the tool in Houdini and see the changes immediately in Unity.

I have never had any problem with that workflow, and I can even have my Houdini files synced with my repository.

Está muy chido! es un honor haber contribuido aunque sea un poquito.
Acabo de comprender que indirectamente si participe en está Jam.